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~The TV Shows Thread~

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7 hours ago, harsh1387 said:

You were right. My apologies as I mixed the episodes. I meant episode 3 where all the Mandalorian crew helps him out was really damn good, not 4.


Episode 3 is fantastic. 4-5 weakest. 6 is okay. 7-8 are fantastic. 

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4 hours ago, harsh1387 said:

Where is it streaming?


CBS and Amazon Prime 


I very much liked episode one. High quality and felt like a natural progression. 



7 hours ago, dante77 said:

Where do I watch key and Peele? Its not on Netflix or Prime or Hotstar.


Hulu and Comedy Central

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People who are not familiar with STAR TREK, watch these before (if you want but it will improve your experience):


Star Trek: The Next Generation

  • The Measure of a Man - S02, E09
  • Datalore - S01, E13
  • The Offspring - S03, E16
  • The Best of Both Worlds - parts 1 & 2 S03, E26 & S04, E01
  • Family - S04, E02
  • Unification - parts 1 & 2 S05, E07 & S05, E08
  • I Borg - S05, E23
  • Descent - parts 1 & 2 S06, E26 & S07, E01
  • All Good Things - parts 1 & 2 S07, E25

Star Trek: Voyager

  • Scorpion" parts 1 & 2 - S03, E25 & S04, E01
  • Unimatrix Zero" parts 1 & 2 - S06, E26 & S07 E, 01

Star Trek: Nemesis 

Star Trek: Short Treks - Children of Mars - S02, E06

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Marvelous Mrs Maisel season 3 was rather weak compared to the first 2 seasons. The show seems to be inventing problems just to keep it interesting. I still like it because all actors are terrific and the show is pretty funny at times but they need some serious improvement in season 4. The quality of writing has really dropped with this season. 
Yeah Season 1&2 were much better than season 3.

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On 1/22/2020 at 6:37 PM, harsh1387 said:

It's a good show. Season 2 is better than 1 however the ending isn't much to everyone's liking. Hopefully season 3 will address it.

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Idk I like Season 1 better.

Perhaps thats because Otis and Maeve were doing stuff together for most of it. Or maybe because it featured a positive relationship between them unlike Season 2.


Also, I know its supposed to be weird, but that last school play episode was really, really weird. No idea how else it can be described.

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