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NECA Action Figures Launched In India


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Hi All,


Just checked while browsing on consoul site that Milestone has launched NECA action figures in India, it is surprising though such big news are still not on any other website (Including Ours), Sam is losing his touch...time to wake him up from his slumber...


Prices start from 1,299 - 3,999 and you can finally buy action figures right here in india. The collection consists of action figures from "The Dark Knight", "Assassins Creed" to name a few.


For details you can visit there site: http://www.consoul.in/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=22199

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As much as i love dolls, thats the last place i'd want to give my business to. :furious:

May this venture of their's fail as miserably as everything else :giggle:


On a more serious note, are these thinhs gonna be available through retail channels or other vendors??

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Oooh, the Terminator figurine is mine!

The terminator figurine is going for $17 .....even if you get it from USA through SnS and even if they charge custom ..you would still save abt Rs 1000-1200.


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