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Gears of war 3 story discussion - Major spoilers


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Origins of locust and Queen Myraah will be explained in future tittles or DLC....I guess?....Cliff was talking abt Pendulum wars expansions in some interview :bigyellowgrin:


She joined Locust once Pendulum Wars ended....but we dunno why Locust worship her as their queen :scratchchin:



Griffin part was nice :bigyellowgrin: . Future Gears tittle will focus more on Griffin now acc to Cliff.... :coolspeak:



f**k they killed DOM...


Dom death was expected as his wife also died....:P...Thank god they didn't kill Cole or Baird...lol...







ABOVE ALL CARMINE LIVES :thumbsup::clap3:

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good and keep your enthu level low on this thread, if i see stupid posts from you on this thread, you know what happens kid...and if EPIC releases a DLC to explain the storey further, that according to me is plain retarded, its better they leave the questions unanswered...or that DLC should be free for all the gamers.

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GCON comm member posted it......Guy is a hardcore Gears fan read all comics nd novels... :bigyellowgrin:



She joined locust to protect them....or something......They have explained this lil bit in Gears novels....New book Dirty lil secrets will reveal more answers :bigyellowgrin:



Anyway, Epic must explain Who is Queen Myraah nd all..... :threatenlumber:

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