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[PS3] Battlefield 3 Fragfests Thread

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Lets use this thread for the discussions and bitching, as well as- as the chatterbox for the definitive multiplayer game of all time- BATTLEFIELD 3!


I will add useful information and resources to the OP. Other members may help by sharing any useful info or links you get your hands on.




Good resources for all kinds of Battlefield 3 related detailed information and news-





So who all will be joining in-on the battlefield?


I'll prepare a list of confirmed players with their PSN ids here in the OP so that everyone can add each other and play together.


Pls submit your:



Headset- Yes or No?


Confirmed Battlefield 3 player list-


1. Name- Aman, PSN ID- aman_is_here, Headset- Yes


2. Name- koldy, PSN ID- kold_war, Headset- Yes


3. Name- Abhijit, PSN ID- dreddx, Headset- Yes


4. Name- Anant, PSN ID- MiKeKudoS, Headset- Yes


5. Name- paaji , PSN ID- Parvinder_Singh, Headset- Yes


6. Name- Parker, PSN ID- parker_xox, Headset- Yes


7. Name- ratul, PSN ID- ratul_jain1991, Headset- Yes


8. Name- Raj Pradeep, PSN ID- rajprdp, Headset- Yes


9. Name- Django, PSN ID- Django_3101, Headset- Yes


10. Name- Praju, PSN ID- praju61, Headset- Yes


11. Name- Jigsaw, PSN ID- Dr_Chainzsaw316, Headset- Yes


12. Name- khuranaji, PSN ID- akhurana89 , Headset- Yes


13. Name- Mosa, PSN ID- mosa_r1, Headset- Yes


14. Name- vivek, PSN ID- vickysud, Headset- Yes


15. Name- Madhan, PSN ID- madhanuk, Headset- Yes


16. Name- Monty, PSN ID- raman_montylee, Headset- Yes


17. Name- joy, PSN ID- joy_bose1, Headset- Yes


18. Name- ravi, PSN ID- indusporus, Headset- Yes


19. Name- Praveen, PSN ID- thegiantrabbit, Headset- Yes


20. Name- Zee, PSN ID- shadowprince18, Headset- Yes


21. Name- Mrinal, PSN ID- MadridistaLove, Headset- Yes


22. Name-Alam, PSN ID- piperdaddy , Headset- Yes


23. Name- Arjun, PSN ID- Kaio_ARG , Headset- Yes


24. Name- Manisha , PSN ID- cypher8819, Headset- Yes


25. Name- rockstar, PSN ID- rockstarnet, Headset- Yes




27. Name-Siddharth, PSN ID- Sid121g, Headset- Yes


28. Name- Tarun, PSN ID- Tarun_rocking, Headset- Yes


29. Name- Achint, PSN ID- ARORAACHINT, Headset- Yes


30. Name- rad, PSN ID- rad2689, Headset- Yes


31. Name- Reggie, PSN ID- murderdoll82, Headset- Yes


32. Name- Rom, PSN ID- rom_freak, Headset- Yes


33. Name- kalees, PSN ID- kalish121, Headset- Yes


34. Name- xen, PSN ID- capt_subtxt, Headset- Yes


35. Name- Shabbir, PSN ID- TouchyFever, Headset- Yes


36. Name- Adi, PSN ID- RollinMachine, Headset- Yes


37. Name- devil, PSN ID- XzWhiteDevilzX, Headset- Yes


38. Name- raghu, PSN ID- LoNeWoLf_RaGhU, Headset- Yes


39. Name- krizu, PSN ID- KrizaliD_211, Headset- Yes


40. Name- indusporus, PSN ID- indusporus, Headset- Yes


41. Name- Danny, PSN ID- Dribblerking, Headset- Yes


42. Name- kushal, PSN ID- kushalrocks1001, Headset- Yes or no?


43. Name- Carbon, PSN ID- CarbonCores, Headset- Yes or No?


44. Name- Vasn, PSN ID- vasn1, Headset- No


45. Name- Atomic, PSN ID- Atomicgamer67, Headset- Yes or No?


46. Name- Tadka, PSN ID- DaalTadka, Headset- Yes or No?


47. Name- Roshan, PSN ID- roshankarlo, Headset- Yes


48. Name- mayank, PSN ID- mayankkill, Headset- Yes or No?


49. Name- Assassin, PSN ID- SilentAsssasssin, Headset- Yes


50. Name- Mizanurification, PSN ID- Mizanurification , Headset- Yes


51. Name- rom, PSN ID- rom_freak, Headset- Yes


52. Name- piper, PSN ID- piperdaddy, Headset- Yes


53. Name- kani, PSN ID- cooljeba, Headset- Yes


54. Name- riley, PSN ID- ReapArkane, Headset- Yes


55. Name- ragz, PSN ID- ragz017, Headset- Yes


56. Name- cyclops, PSN ID- digitallyAlive, Headset- Yes


57. Name- jugz, PSN ID- jugz2007, Headset- Yes


58. Name- rashmeet, PSN ID- rashmeet, Headset- Yes


59. Name- , PSN ID- , Headset- Yes


60. Name- , PSN ID- , Headset- Yes



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yes sure bro... sab n00b hain yahan pe




we need a place where we can take FIFA's revenge from you :devil:






with the new TD in FIFA .. even am a noob in FIFA :giggle:

BTW Aman, I have a headset ... need to sort out issues with MIC. will do that by the time BF3 releases :)

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