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Most Anticipated Games of 2012


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Max Payne 3....im awaiting for this with bated breath. Cant wait to see Max return in full glory with bald look. I still remember him tripping on ampephetamine and DMT candyflossed with scotch in the original part and its sequel...and how can you forget Mona Sax :wOOtjumpy: the sexy bitch. Not to mention about bullet time :gunsmilie:


Im also looking forward to the return of two of the greatest arcade games:


Soul Calibur V ... Ivy :wOOtjumpy:


Street fighter X Tekken.. this surely will be the best combat game involving two of the most acclaimed franchises


Sniper ghost warrior 2... i loved the first part despite what others may say.



paise vale <_<

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Battlefield fanatic?

COD rocks man! I hope there will be a new COD soon.

:bandit: :bandit:


What do you mean by "hope"?

Next one is coming which will be developed by Treyarch.


COD is ruined like Guitar hero .... thanks to the greedy Kotick. :boxing:


I expecting the next game from Respawn.

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Anyone who want next COD will get a :threatenlumber:

COD must die

Not looking forward to next year's Trasharch CoD, probably the first one I'll skip since CoD1. There's no hope in hell they can top MW3's SP.


Hoping IW's next CoD is on next gen console with brand new engine, or maybe a new offshoot IP of CoD like Modern Warfare.

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Hmmm. Off the top of my head-


HALO IV (god tier!)

Rainbow Six Patriots (please dont f**k it up Ubi)

Tomb Raider (hopefully the main game isnt like what we saw at E3)

The last guardian (2013? lol)

Max Payne 3 (please dont f**k up the controls)


Hoping to hear announcements for -


Spilnter cell

Left 4 Dead 3

Half life 3

New 3DS Zelda

Wii U details


Have little hope for ME3, Hitman etc

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Tomb Raider

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Versus XIII (lol its been 3 years since its been on my list)

Mass Effect 3

Diablo III

Star Craft 2 : Heart of Swarm

Assassin's Creed 3

The Last Guardian


Halo 4

Street Fighter x Tekken

Hitman: Absolution

The next Call of Duty


Don't need anything else next year (I guess)

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