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The DONZ thread a.k.a. Post Your Pic Thread.



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eee haaa


My Pic


Black and White ftw ^_^


2 Months old pic. Right now i have a very very long beard with mustache too. I haven't shaved from last two months almost



Spending too much on games is it :roflroll2:


Nice pics...


HPS...Ferrari what the F**K need to make sure i do something same when i am abroad next time maybe inside it :D


@Mak: awesome pic dude....


@cyclops: a**hole....


Awesome to see you all guys....

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@Sam - I perplexed, to take it as a compliment or ... -_- ^


it not a complement or an insult.....i just pictured u differently....didnt u say u weighed 90+ kgs?






Yes I do...I am not plump though and its like an year old pic!! My bones are weighing more, or its just that I am Jatt.

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