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God of war saga help...

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I recently bought god of war saga collection.


Its U.S. version but says no region protection.


Will it work on indian PS3. I can't check it on my ps3 right now as it is temporarily disconnected.


With the disc there is a psn download voucher for ghost of sparta and chain of Olympus. Its says only for U.S. and canada. So for downloading these games,will I have to create psn account with U.S. address or pls tell me the way to download.


And after downloading will I always need the U.S. Account to play or can play it with or without signing into any account.


Guys I am new to psn totally(had xbox earlier), so pls explain in detail all the related things....


Also, provide link of threads which explain ps3 proxy server downloading in detail.


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Yes it will work fine on Indian PS3. PS3 games are region free.

Yes you will have to download game from US PSN account. But once downloaded, you can play the game from any account on PS3. In fact, you can redeem the code on US PSN, and once download has started, you can pause it and continue from any account.


Check this for PS3 Proxy: http://archive.techtree.com/techtree/jsp/article.jsp?article_id=115651&cat_id=899

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