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What games are you currently playing?

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41 minutes ago, Horizon Days Dawn said:

Played and finished rachet and clank. It was way better than I expected. Now playing hitman 2 and yakuza 0. Hitman 2 is a lot of fun. Very short tho, already finished Mumbai. Yakuza 0 seems very big and the story is going really good right now! Just defeated kuze, the dojima lieutenant.

Hitman games are usually very short but the key lies in doing the missions differently over & over 

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Oh nice.

37 minutes ago, dylanjosh said:

Almost done with Remnant of the Ashes. Enjoying it a lot. 

I started that and then ditched it at the first boss(defeated him, ditched it just after). Didn't like the gameplay mechanics. Difficulty was nice but it was very wobbly and laggy and some controls and movement was just too bad and I just didn't play it after the first boss. Does the story n stuff pick up?

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On 9/12/2021 at 5:35 PM, santanu18 said:

Completed Psychonauts 2. What an amazing surprise. I absolutely loved it. Only con I'd say is, collectibles are so good and fun that it increased my total playthrough time. It is my game of the year 2021.

Started playing this a few days ago. Excellent so far. 


Apart from the platforming and combat, I'm pleasantly surprised by the complex story. 


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Started playing Xing: The Land Beyond. Its polar opposite to the last game I played - Evil Within 2.

All you do is to chill on an island, taking in the sights and sounds, solving not-so-complex puzzles with soothing music. At times, I stand at the shore for few mins,just looking at waves hitting the shore. Its kind of therapeutic :) 

Only -ive is I am not able to play it for long in one sitting. Game just moves from one puzzle to other without much of a story and even though the game keeps throwing new puzzle mechanics, I am getting bored after an hour or so.

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1 hour ago, AnK said:

I think I’m about to hit the end game of Deus Ex 

never thought I’d have the patience to see it through 


I don’t think it’s ever happening for FO 4 though :fear: 


Cliffhanger hai.

It's ironic that they planned to make multiple sequels of this, but the game didn't perform according to expectations so now it goes for $5 on every game site.

Also there probably won't be a proper sequel for a long time :(


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