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What games are you currently playing?

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On 12/12/2021 at 7:57 PM, ox- said:

Just finished Days Gone! Took me over a month (42 hours) but damn was this one of the best games I've played in a long time. It kept me hooked throughout and the way the radio communication tied up the whole game was just so lively!


Started Black Ops III campaign and got bored within 2 hours, deleted it.


Going to continue on HZD (11 hours in) and start Detroit Human!


Not uninstalling Days Gone yet, I'm still excited to kill the hordes and finish rest of the missions!


Started Infamous Second Son instead of Detroit. 3-4 hours in and I'm really liking It for some mindless action and surprisingly good characters. I just wish melee had more combos, feels very bland.

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Bathesda has released a Next Gen. Version for Skyrim with free upgrade.
I hope they do the same for Fallout 4 soon enough. 


Was really digging into it & would love to continue on next gen. 


I don’t know what’s stopping them. 

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On 12/15/2021 at 6:31 PM, Mr. Comingle said:

This game, man. 

Ended up watching an entire in game episode of Republican Space Rangers


is there any way to play GTA 4 on PS5?


EDIT: nevermind..  i guess Rockstar are going to release a remastered version before they drop gta 6

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On 12/23/2021 at 10:53 PM, rushaboswal said:

Man i tried bloodborne multiple times , never killed the first boss 

Well to kill cleric beast (assuming u talking abt him and not gascoigne), first thing go through entire central yharnam and do everything. Go through the sewers, talk to NPC's if u want. Make sure u talk to eileen(optional but useful later).


Now the main things that you want to do are this. You need to get the hunter set from the sewers. You need to get the madmans knowledge rt before the sewers, you need to kill literally everything for echoes and you need to get all the molotovs and oil urns you can possibly find. So with the hunters set you are already halfway there. Now after you get the echoes, go to the hunters dream, pop the madmans knoledge. Now you have 1 insight. With this you can go and upgrade. As your starter choose military veteren, the hunter pistol and saw cleaver.


Also probably start a new game cause u probably chose some stuff contradicting this. Now with ur echoes get ur vitality or skill up. preferably skill if u r really stuggling. In the fight just get to his side and keep hitting his legs. When u r at mid range lock onto his head and through ur oil urns and molotovs. Oil urns first. With this he will probably be stunned. Visceral attack his head. All this done well you will kill him mostly easily.


If you are still struggling then you can refer to this walkthrough by FightinCowboy. He has the entire game and DLC completely done and some interesting tips here and there. I watched the whole thing after I finished the game on my own. And do as he says. Some of the things will srsly mess up ur gameplay. I actually ended up doing everything pretty much exactly like this guy did. If you decide to avoid the walkthrough. Then read the item descriptions. They will actually come handy here and there if you read the descriptions. Also check out try every combo with your weapon of choice + get good at viscerals. Brick trolls are the best practice for viscerals. As for weapon choice. I would say start with saw cleaver. After saw cleaver, as soon as you can get ludwigs holy blade and then replace saw cleaver with whatever you like. Level health to 30. Then strength and skill to 25 and then arkane 18, forget bloodtinge and finally endurance 20 and skill 45 - 50ish. Always level skill first and then strength because skill I think affects visceral attacks also.


After all this if u cant kill cleric beast then watch the walkthrough and try again. If u still stuck then its time to call it. Until then. Try again cause this is a brilliant game.

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As for me. I replayed the whole game from vicar amelia again cause of that mess up with the saves. Weapon of choice ludwigs holy blade, chikage, evelyn(hunter pistol till cainhurst), flamesprayer and cannon. Need to get the beast claw and kill the pthumerian queen in the chalices to get my platinum. This will be my first platinum trophy.

My build.

Vit : 30 (Will take it to 50 in the DLC)

End : 30

Strength : 30

Skill : 50

Bloodtinge : 30

Arkane : 40


Killed Gehrman and Moon presence. Got the other 2 endings. Now going through chalice dungeons. Probably going to use false depths. Collecting materials is seemingly torture.


Knowing what to do this time around, I obliterated all the bosses in 1 try. Except gehrman was out in the 4th try. Havent spent more than 4 tries on any boss so far(gehrman and amygdala in the first playthrough). I expect the DLC bosses will do that that.


Gehrman was the best boss for me so far. Will get the DLC or BB GOTY soon. Its 665 in the sale rn afaik. Better than usual.

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