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What games are you currently playing?

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35 minutes ago, 0verlord said:

Finished GotG yesterday. Garbage combat ? superb characters :majesty:

Next, should I play FF7R or Plague Tale?

Since you just finished a game with avg. combat I suggest you play FF7R for some good combat.

Plague Tale although a very good game, hardly has any combat. 

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1 hour ago, Vaibhavp said:


Didn't you just got a Switch?

Yes, I am playing 1-2 games simultaneously on PS5, XSX and Switch each


PS5 - will start FF7R or Plague Tale

XSX - Edith Finch and Elden Ring 

Switch - Mario Odyssey 

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Finally completed Hades. Played for the most part on my Nintendo Switch (25+ hours) and around 6.5 hours on Steam using the Safe transfer. I wish more games implemented this feature! 

Used the Stygian Blade with the Aspect of Nemesis. 

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I'm playing Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii U. About 130 hours in and close to completing the main story. This game is super polished and extremely impressive. Absolutely HUGE open world and no loading screens unless you fast travel. You can get to any point on the map.


It's exactly like Zelda BotW and no surprises there because Monolith Soft used their experience to help Nintendo craft BotW. 

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10 hours ago, Walker said:


Yes! Life is strange when you cry with joy and frustration :D


I'm playing nothing. Just can't find the time to play anything anymore :wallbash:

i meant in returnal :P but okay 


Understandable :console: Try Finding time on the weekends or sunday bro.

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