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[PSN] FIFA14 Ultimate Teams


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I will finally give Ultimate Team a try this year as I have been hearing so much about it ! Hopefully, Dharmin will be a good teacher and give me all the tips required to master this game mode :first:

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all good ajay. how are you bro?


web app is out on 15th but knowing EA it will crash as soon as it is out.


also guys i have a question while accessing the web app will one get only a single attempt to get their security answer right?



Good to hear from u. bro.


You will get more than 3 chances. You can also reset ur settings using forgot options


FYI for everyone. Once you get the pack for the first time in FUT after surrending your previous squad, do not refresh your page. Last time i did not know that and did it. They gave 2 packs and i refreshed it. After that when i logged in again i did not have any packs.

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