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The Mobile Phone Thread


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@Sanjoy I owe E90, n I wld advice u not to go for that one


It has nice surfing features bt it hangs a lot, n has many other probs that I meantioned on Page 1


there r better fones available in the market to go for...surfing!

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I consulted the company ppl, they called it defective though as even the internal qwerty keyboard lights wer not working, so they finally r replacing it ,


Bt i chked thru many forums online n they all generally say its usual prob with this fone that it hangs n all...few ppl wer even lucky not to face this prob, bt their strenght wasw less in number!

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Everybody is thinking that, n dont worry Xeno will invet that sm or the other day...


bt seriously telling...v r already moving towards that technology with satisfying speeds....v definately cant leap or jump to the technologies v dream of n the ones v can actually make!

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Sharper Than Ever...coming soon phone revealed here...


Its Moto RAZR 2 V8...



Bands/Modes: Quad-Band


Talk Time: up to 470 mins5

Standby Time: up to 330 hrs5

Size: Less than 60cc

Dimensions: 53 x 103 x 11.9mm

Display resolution:

320x240 2.2" 262k color internal

320x240 2.0" 262k color external

Antenna: Internal











From the moment it launched, the RAZR didn't just break new ground. It redefined the way we talk. Now, Motorola is poised to redefine greatness again. The MOTORAZR2 V8 brings the revolutionary RAZR form to a new level of sophistication. It takes the impossibly sleek RAZR profile and makes it even slimmer. It packs a powerhouse of features into a strong stainless steel structure. All told, the phone that has forever captivated is now about to mesmerize.



The unmistakable RAZR profile is now even sharper, with stunning finishes in metal and glass. It's also unbelievably slimmer, which makes the incredible amount of music, pictures and video that fit inside even more amazing.



It's as enduring as it is enchanting. A stainless steel internal frame, seamless casing and chemically hardened glass combine to give MOTORAZR2 extraordinary strength and durability.



These days, it's all about the whole package. That's why MOTORAZR2 combines your entire music, browsing1, imaging and email1 experience with super fast connections, a large interactive external screen, and an intuitive user interface with a customizable main menu.




An ultra-slim design makes this the thinnest RAZR yet at 11.9mm.

The reflective vacuumized metal and hardened glass front catches light and creates visual intrigue.

The 2" external color display is our largest ever and features interactive soft keys for music with a vibrational response.

Windows Media™ Player 11 lets you access over 200 online music stores worldwide including favorites such as MTV Urge, Yahoo and Napster.2

A 2MP camera with 8X digital zoom takes high quality pictures and provides up to 2 hours of video capture and playback.

High-speed web access1 with content that's intelligently sized to fit your screen, there's no need for horizontal scrolling.

Music player includes stereo micro-USB headset and a compatible Bluetooth® enabled headset.3

512MB of on-board shared memory with a storage capacity of up to 200 songs.4

Opera 8.5 Browser provides a full HTML browsing experience.1

High Speed USB 2.0 gives you fast data transfers.

Large, external 2" QVGA display 320x240 resolution provides vibrant viewing.

MotoSync™ makes it easy to organize your corporate phonebook, calendar and emails.

Integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology facilitates imaging, printing and peer-to-peer gaming.3

CrystalTalk™ helps deliver crystal clear voice quality in noisy environments.




I m thinking of getting rid of V3i for this one!

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well every one has his tastes........ always wonder why anyone didnt think of integrating a mobile phone into a laptop....... for all those people who carry their laptop with them all the while......


It already exists. Its called the Reliance / Tata Indicom Data Card.

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I got a free samsung stripe mobile with T-Mobile service. Its nothing hi-fi, but it has 20 MB RAM and its FREE....will triple band mobiles work in India ? Its a GSM mobile.

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Yes it will definately...bt smtimes sm fones without band probs too show problems with the network operator! Like u hv never been to India b4 :)


bt better if u get here and unlock ur mobile phone if its operator locked!

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thanks for the info dude, some wiseass confused me saying that only quad band mobiles work in India. Back at blore I used to have that Samsung flap phone, I dont remember the model, its that metal finish with a single light !


Anyway, I dont have much knowledge about mobiles, and I use it only for messaging/talking :)

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