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The Mobile Phone Thread


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2 hours ago, VelivolusDas said:

I mean, how does that benefit them? TikTok pays Samsung for the installs? And what about India, then? Since you know, TikTok is banned here?


Scummy move nonetheless. It absolutely doesn't make sense. Even if it's a cheap phone, Samsung shouldn't have to 'recover' costs in this way.

I mean, it is Samsung's phone, they can recover it however they want.

Deal is simple. Get a reduced price upfront but live with the nuisance.

Same way you can get with/without ads kindle for different prices.

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5 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:


Errrr... it is forced. You cant complete the setup without installing TT. There is no choice. Do they have the T&Cs upfront on the box before you buy a phone ? If Xiaomi is doing it, doesn't make it right automatically, eh ?

I am not saying what they are doing is right. Xiaomi is a sh*t company itself.

Main problem is that this is not mentioned on the box but only in the T&C booklets which no one reads and also mentioned in the T&C during setup. They need to make this public so anyone who is buying a device knows what they are getting into. For me, I hope Govt. bans this.

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Anyone know of an in-stock "dumb phone" that supports whatsapp at the least?

As in those "feature phones" the kind with a keypad and all, I need to give in my mom's S10 Lite for servicing because the screen has gone bad, so need a backup phone, just need to support nano sims, 4G and have whatsapp, I've searched through many nokia ones but none of them have whatsapp, those that did aren't in stock.


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