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Rumor has it that P5 was suppose to come last year but P4 Dancing got delayed and they can't release P4 spin-off after P5 because it would look stupid. This gave Atlus USA more time to localize the game so you might get simultaneous English and JPN releases now.

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Persona 5 trailer link -




Whoever wants to watch watch this quickly since Atlus is taking down videos. Also, I have downloaded the video on my PC so if anybody knows how to attach the .mp4 video to IVG I can share (if it does get taken down). If this is not possible keep refreshing the Gfaqs Persona 5 forums. P4 DAN has released so someone is sure to upload the trailer again.

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Persona 5 director apologizes for delay and gives more details on P5 (including promising that P5 will be the biggest game in the franchise) :D.


From Siliconera:


Since Persona 5 is being developed for a new console, Hashino didn’t want to hold anything back and just make a short game, so instead, they’re packing the game with all kinds of content, and it’ll be the most voluminous title the series has yet to see as far as gameplay and play time goes.

For the main cast, Atlus got help from very talented individuals, so Hashino says that you can expect great things out of everything, from event scenes,to battle sequences and dungeon play.

To end the video, Hashino asks if all of you enjoyed the recent trailer, which he believes had a lot to share. However, regarding the development delay of the game, he deeply apologizes to everyone that has been waiting in anticipation for so long. That said, he feels that in order to make the game into something more complete, and something that can provide players with a better experience, more time will be needed, so he asks if you can wait just a little longer.


Source: http://www.siliconera.com/2015/09/17/persona-5-director-shares-a-message-about-the-games-development-and-delay/


No problem with delay if they are making the gaming even better. What's a few more months when we have already waited so long?


Also this (from same source):


More details including character profiles and other surprises for Persona 5 will be revealed at Tokyo Game Show in the following days.

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