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[PSN] Don Bradman Cricket '14 Sessions

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Organise Don Bradman Cricket '14 matches with fellow IVGians in this thread!


People who have this game on PSN are:



Angy / angy_ind

Chief/ T0P-N0TCH-PLAYER (zero in both places instead of 'O')

silentassassin/ SilentAsssasssin

ps4geek/ crazigamer

puru/ purpathak

bharathvn/ vnbharath
sach4life: iamainnocentkid
vickysud01: vickysud
ZooZoo: angrypixel89
arv95: maverick_989

Chewie: filmguy2013

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How about a quick 8 people tournament, PS3 Platform, starts on 11th April, Ends on 18th April :naughty::devil:





8 pre-decided teams, all same level, players and their ratings from your team would need to be published here beforehand (to ensure that teams are evenly rated)


Number of overs (minimum 20 overs. shouldnt have any problems since there is online save too), rules of play etc can be decided once the game releases since we need to see the amount of customization available for online matches!!!


Format would be, 8 teams divided into two groups. Top two teams from each group play the semis....winner of semis play the final!!


Prize: *Will try to get something (no guarantee). Wont be big though. Might be a collector item at best :P!*


What say fellas :naughty:

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I pick RCB :bigyellowgrin:


I wont be able to play from 19th for a week..



Yeh...we will have it between 11th - 18th. The idea is to have the tournament before people become PROs here :P!! Would be super fun to play the tournament as noobs :cheers:!!


Your team selection gives me another idea!! Lets have only IPL teams, specially since IPL is starting on 16th!!!

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