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Had a brilliant T20 match with Arv95 aka Maverick :good:


I scored 68 in a total of 14.3 overs. Got off to a decent start but kept losing wickets at regular intervals. His spinners kept getting wickets almost every over and I played some poor shots to further get in to trouble.


Arv in reply got off to a good start and was around 10-1 after 2 overs. I got my spinners in and saw that he was struggling. What happened next was some fantastic cricket with my spinners taking regular wickets and Arv doing his best to survive and to keep the score ticking. I bowled spinner after spinner until Arv finally got the hang of them and starting scoring runs at a good rate. In the end, he needed 6 to win off 2 overs with 1 wicket remaining and I got back my pacer who took the final wicket in his 2nd ball. Brilliant match ! Scorecard posted below:



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Played a 40 over match against SA yesterday. What an awesome match we had....some spectacular moments there!!! There was an inside edge off the very first delivery of SA's innings that flew to the keeper who took a diving catch, then there was a dismissal where Ojha's turning delivery went past SA's defensive shot and bowled him. Too good!!!!!!

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Played the most awesome match ever yesterday with Avishkar..

Pro 40 game...

Both batted for long time , almost completed our overs..

Match went till the end..Even in the last over , it was anybody's game..


The money i paid to the game was totally worth it for just this 1 match :bigyellowgrin:


However there were some glitches..Most of em was due to some lag , but still the game was awesome fun :wOOtjumpy:

ODI's is the best format to play for me...

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Yes, that was a fantastic match! It was so much fun and the fact that a 40 over match was so tight really added to the experience. This game would have been very one-sided had my last batting pair not put on more than 100 runs ! Also, this is the first online match where we both scored an online 50 :D.


Now that SA and I have written the positives, let's talk about some negatives:

There was a slight lag in this game due to my connection but the following glitches took place:

- On around 7-8 occasions, the batsman hit a boundary but it was given as a 6 by the umpire
- A few times the ball was invisible to the batsman until it landed and the batsman could only see the ball after it pitched
- The batsman was bowled out but not given out
- The fielders were walking like slow zombies when the ball rolled along the ground and this enabled the batting side to take couples when only a single was realistically possible

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