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UP TO 50% OFF on all Blizzard Games.

Including Overwatch, Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition, Diablo III Battle Chest, World of Warcraft: Legion and more.
Buy now: http://www.gamestheshop.com/search/blizzard

Overwatch: Origins Edition Physical copy Available at Rs 1999/- only for PC, PS4 & XboxOne.

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Walk into your nearest Games The Shop store, Pre-order Far Cry 5 and get the official T-shirt FREE


Store details: http://www.gamestheshop.com/store-locator 


Note: This offer is valid only for stores, valid while stocks last, valid only with Far Cry 5 Deluxe Edition, valid for customers who have already pre-ordered offline.


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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Collector's Edition now available to pre-order at Games The Shop

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Collector's Edition Includes:

*Double-Sided Story Book: Elegy & A Good War

Every great war story has two sides. This limited edition hardback version collects two new World of Warcraft novellas depicting the Burning of Teldrassil from the point of view of the Alliance (Elegy, by Christie Golden) and the Horde (A Good War, by Robert Brooks). Each story includes original artwork exclusive to this edition*.

*Horde & Alliance Double-Sided Mark of Allegiance

Declare your allegiance with this hefty, double-sided Mark of Allegiance. Place it somewhere prominent, with your chosen faction proudly facing out into the world for all to see. Includes stand.

*Collector's Edition Digital Soundtrack

A digital key to download the stirring orchestral pieces from the Battle for Azeroth soundtrack, the perfect mood music for laying siege to your enemies.

*World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth PC/Mac Game Key
Digital key to unlock the full version of Battle for Azeroth.

Epic In-Game Content

Unlock a treasure trove of Horde- and Alliance-themed in-game content within World of Warcraft and across other Blizzard games:



  • Gilded Ravasaur Horde Mount
  • Seabraid Stallion Alliance Mount
  • Tottle, The Baby Tortollan Pet
  • Character Boost to Level 110


  • Azeroth is Burning Card Back



  • Primal Flamesaber Mount



  • Tracer Alliance Banner & Horde Banner Emotes
  • Torbjorn For the Alliance & For the Horde Emotes
  • Zandalar & Kul'Tiras Icons
  • Anduin, Jaina, Sylvanas and Varok Sprays


  • Alliance & Horde Sprays


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5 minutes ago, ShanerWarner said:

Dear Team,


I would like to know if the God of War Collectors Edition is back in stock? As i would like to pick one up.... Your site says Sold Out

I would suggest you email them. I don't think they are very active on this forum.

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3 hours ago, ShanerWarner said:

okey ill do that then... i thought they were active here.... their contact numbers are also incorrect

They will come up for sale on forum, keep an eye out, you will. Land yourself some discounts too. 

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On 5/5/2018 at 11:36 AM, gamestheshop said:

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is up for pre-order
Don't forget to use the coupon code 'SAVE150' and get ₹150 off. 
P.S- pricing for other editions will be up soon.  


Will the coupon work for Yakuza Kiwami 2 as well?

Edited by Monokuma

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