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Prices of console games still high after so many years

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Well, I am not a world class analyst like you guys. I am just trying to participate in this discussion with my amateur analysis! (I'm just 18)

So, these are some of the common interconnected problems/reasons why we/people prefer pirated games to the original ones. I am not saying this, but my experienced soul is! :P So, don't think that I support piracy. :P


The first one is obviously our economy!

Who the heck would spend that much of amount on games unless they are passionate about it or rich?

So, we don't buy em and it ends up with no stores (actually is market) available to purchase.


Second is the lack of availability of stores due to the above reason; Price! :P

This is one of the major problems which drives us towards piracy without a second thought!

You can't find a single store which sells official/original PC games in AP (other than Hyd).

We don't have an option other than this! So we download or buy pirated copies.

Even if there are any stores we still buy pirated games.

Coz that's what we have been following till now and We respect our tradition.

[Our Indians' Attitude, if I am not wrong!)


Online Shopping?

Maybe! But people outside the cities like Hyderabad have to wait at least 4 days to receive their original copies!

And why would we wait so long if there are plenty of stores available just across our house which sell pirated copies for such a cheaper price?

Blame govt. here and our attitude/impatience.



Duh! Most of us don't even know what an Xbox is here!

Or at least the most popular console PS2's successor PS3 also! :mellow:

So how can we buy (games for our)consoles if there are no shops available?

[Lack of promotions/awareness and again, Price!)


Why modding?

Most of us play Single Player only.

I rarely play multiplayer. I don't have a single co-op friend!

(Why? Damn, the console prices are so high! They can't get one! :( )

Thus we hack our consoles and ta-da! Free of cost entertainment.

Don't we know about Multiplayer? Maybe! We might not have hacked if we knew about this before!

[Again lack of sincere passion/awareness/prices or whataver!]



In India only kids play games according to surveys and interviews I read!

The avg age of gamers in USA is 31 whereas here? (B/w 12-30? I bet it is the teenage! :P Correct me if I am wrong)

So, teenagers don't earn to buy these expensive consoles.

They depend on their parents for money.

So, who would be dumb enough to care about a confused teenager's wants?

And the other elder gamers? Of course they are the one and only reason why we have at least this much of market, but are they really passionate to spend their half of the salary on these expensive games and consoles? They might have just begun earning or maybe still in lower positions! I don't know!


So, maybe these are the reasons we buy pirated games and thus we have very less market!


Note: This analysis could be wrong!! But, as an economics student, I tried to test my knowledge! :P Thanch!! :D :D

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