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Overwatch (Blizzard)

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Blizzard has announced a brand new team-based, online FPS at Blizzcon: Overwatch!






The trailer that was just streamed showed off several different characters, each with their unique powers / skill sets. Looked a lot like Team Fortress 2, but a crazier version!

Beta's scheduled to roll out in 2015.


First Gameplay Trailer:


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Overwatch hands-on: Why Blizzard's FPS isn't just TF2 II


For now, this is a colorful, creative FPS with a level of polish that we associate with Blizzard games. There are a ton of touches that convey how far along Overwatch seems to be. I liked that Bastion’s basic movement animation, for example, jilted the first-person camera vertically as he walked, a reflection of his robotic movement.


I'll need to play it more before I can be sure whether Overwatch has a future as a competitive, skill-driven FPS, but for now Blizzard's twist on TF2 feels both reverential to that source material and original to me.


Source: PCGamer US

Overwatch first look: Blizzard takes on Team Fortress 2


Comparisons to Team Fortress 2 are justified, but it's about time someone took on Valve's brilliant team shooter, and the sheer quantity and variety of Overwatch's characters is exciting. Kaplan and Metzen wouldn't talk about pricing, but it would seem mad to distribute Overwatch as a self-contained priced product with such a direct free competitor around, and there's obvious capacity for Overwatch to offer players an endless stream of new heroes and hero skins.


There are hints that Blizzard will emulate TF2's approach to narrative by telling Overwatch's story outside of the game. In-game, you can field characters that are technically mortal enemies on the same team, and field multiple instances of the same hero on a single team. In fact, you can technically field a team of six angry apes if you like, though Blizz don't want this to be tactically effective. Metzen suggests that the story could be advanced by more cinematics, not unlike the one Blizzard used to introduce the game today at Blizzcon. Players can absorb as much of the story as they like outside of the game, and then toy with those personalities in-game, as a kid might with action figures of their favourite cartoon series.


Source: PCGamer UK

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TF2 rip off :mellow:


By that logic, every game that has released till date with either a class based multi-player system or cel-shaded look or over the top action will end up being classified so.

ripoffs are nothing new ^ and i don't think its a bad thing


It is more of a derivation and even if it TF 2 with a new skin, nothing wrong with it, unless they manage to botch something up.


Also, they got the MEDIC class right this time. :notangel:

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They started work on Titan back in 2007 or 2008. Working for 6 years on a project and not being able to find the right formula must have been soul crushing for the team. And at the same time they say the entire MMO market change right under their noses. Pretty much every other MMO that was started around that time (ESO, Wildstar, TSW, TOR etc.) got released and they were disasters. It's a testament to Blizzard's philosophy that they are willing to eat the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in dev costs rather than release a sub par MMO.


Say what you will about Overwatch but the Chris Metzen's passion is undeniable. I'm not completely sold on the game yet, especially since they seem to be trying to pick up the pieces of Titan instead of starting something from scratch. There's also rumor that they will use the Heroes of the Storm business model (F2P, buy characters) which is not ideal. As for copying TF2, that may be the case. But then again you have to think how many distinct class archetypes can you really have if you make a class based shooter? Sure the engineer and medic are a bit on the nose but hey, if you must copy from someone, why not copy the best?

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