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Street Fighter V

Heaven Angel

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The path to greatness begins here: RISE UP!


The legendary fighting franchise returns with STREET FIGHTER® V! Stunning visuals depict the next generation of World Warriors in unprecedented detail, while exciting and accessible battle mechanics deliver endless fighting fun that both beginners and veterans can enjoy. Challenge your friends online, or compete for fame and glory on the Capcom Pro Tour.






New and Returning Characters: Charlie Nash makes his return to the Street Fighter universe, where he joins classic characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, and M. Bison. Many more new and returning characters will be added to the diverse roster, offering a wide variety of fighting styles for players to choose from.

New Strategies and Battle Mechanics: Highly accessible new battle mechanics, which revolve around the V-Gauge and EX Gauge, provide an unprecedented layer of strategy and depth to the franchise that all players can enjoy.

V-Trigger: Unique abilities that use the entire V-Gauge, giving players the opportunity to inflict damage when activated.

V-Skill: Utility skills (such as evasion) for each character that can be activated at any time.

V-Reversal: Unique counterattacks that use one stock of the V-Gauge.

Critical Arts: Ultimate attacks that use the entire EX Gauge.

PC and PS4 Cross-Platform Play: For the first time in franchise history, the online community will be unified into a single player pool, allowing for even more rivalries to be born.

Next Gen Visuals: Unreal Engine 4 technology pushes the realism and next-gen visuals to new heights, making this latest entry the best looking and most immersive Street Fighter game of all time.

Rise up: The Capcom Pro Tour, the premier league destination for competitive fighting games, features dozens of tournaments for Street Fighter players across the globe. The 2015 tour includes $500,000 in prizing, the largest in franchise history.

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Release Date: 2016

Pre-order Now and get a sneak peek at STREET FIGHTER® V beta for PC this fall!



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Yay PC :D:happydance:






Pretty sure it's a Timed Exclusive just like DR3..It will definitely come to Xbox One after few months.... :P


Capcom will release 100 different editions of SF5 and one of them will come to Xbone :P

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This game will suck on PC

Lazy Japanese devs hate PC

SF4 was pretty good on PC...I played it on PC with 360 controller without any issues :D


And Capcom PC ports are quite good...PC version of RE6 is much superior than console version in every way...RE6 looks and plays way better on PC :D

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Tekken and DOA are multiplat while SF is exclusive. How things have changed :lol:


Also Microsoft just sponsored EVO this year. After Sony dropped , this is so weird lmao.


Can capcom actually afford to keep this exclusive? 360 user base was huge in US. But then again Xbone got boo'ed like crazy at EVO.



Hopefully there will be a playable build at capcom cup this year. That I will get to play.


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USF4 uses Steamworks too...

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^SF5 will use Steamworks as GFWL is dead now...

Thank God.



Also how hard is SF to learn?

is it somewhat easy like Tekken

Or hard like Mortal Kombat?

I've heard there are SF tournaments isliye thought it is is hard to learn :fear:

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