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The Photography Thread!


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Guys can u pls suggest a good entry DSLR. ? It is for my uncle who just needs it to photograph his kids. He had a point and shoot but now wants to move up. I just saw canon 1200d on fk costs 26500 incl zoom lens. Is it a good deal . (guessing ofcouse it is) as even in news paper it was being advertised as 36k. If there are any other such cams, please do let me know.


Heads up from our side . very nice offer :good:

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1200D is a good camera for beginners. Especially if its coming with a zoom lens. I wud say go for it.



Heads up from our side . very nice offer :good:


Thank you guys.. Ordered the Canon 1200D from FK yday at 26.5K. but....................... right now it is going at 21K + 10% cash back(SBI) on AMAZON.IN. So cancelled the FK order and ordered it on amazon.


So good deal for 19.5k guys.. :D

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I got an old Russian Zenit ET (film camera) from my father in law.

The lens is an M42 type 44.2 Helios (almost 50mm), made out of all metal.

So I decided to buy a cheap adapter for my Nikon camera, and though the lens cannot focus on infinity when mounted on my Nikon, it takes some really beautiful shots.

The BOKEHS are absolutely dream like.







See how shallow the DOF is with this lens.





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Recently got a liking to photography. Thinking of getting a dslr pretty soon. Nothing professional. Inclined towards the nikon entry level. Yet to decide.

These are few shots I made using a friend old Nikon D60 Camera. Old but good enough


On an island in Chillika Lake (Odisha)



Sunset in Orchaa






Yet Again Orchha


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