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The Photography Thread!


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Unless you do a lot of bird photography, or some similar sort of Zoom photography, you'll find 18-135mm the most versatile and bang for back lens. Another factor is the F-stop number it you do a lot of lowlight photography. Lower is always better, both for lowlight and bokeh.

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One of my friend wants to buy a DSLR. budget is 30k.

He is confused between Canon and Nikon.

Any precise model recommendation will be helpful. He is a casual photographer.

As a new Nikon user.. i would suggest the D3300. If your friend can look over the wifi and tilting screen, this is the DSLR to get.

Dont know much about canons though so yeah.


@techBaba.. Thnx :)

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Our Doc (Alekh) got married on 8th Feb. I, Abhinit, Alpha and Sahil took a road trip from Delhi to Lucknow for the wedding. Nemo was also included in the plan, but as usual he ditched us on the day before. The whole album of the trip is here, but here are the highlights.




took a quick detour to visit Rampur;



Doc's Haldi;




















Here is he kidnapping a child;















We drove out of Lucknow at around 3AM.


A picture near Etawah;




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Also, a little shameless self promotion here, have started the most obvious thing. A photography page on Facebook.


Please like, and share if you like the work. Otherwise, just curse me and ignore this post :D

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Hi, I am looking for a professional flash card to go with my DSLR, which card would be appropriate for the same? I have been suggested CompactFlash – Ultimate 266x from Kingston, but as I have never used a Kingston before, I am not sure whether I should go for it or not?


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