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1 hour ago, Defender487 said:

Anybody have spare graphic card
My gpu has gone

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GPU's now do not have spare time, because in spare time they are mining and making money.

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Best CPU Overall 2021

  • Intel i5-12600K

Best CPU Efficiency 2021

  • AMD R9-5950X

Best Gaming CPU 2021

  • Intel i9-12900K

Most Well-Rounded CPU 2021

  • Intel i7-12700K
  • Intel i7-12700KF

Best HEDT Workstation CPU 2021

  • AMD Threadripper 3970X
  • AMD Threadripper 3990X (and Pro versions)

Best* Budget CPU 2021 (we didn't like our options this year, so see disclaimers in video)

  • Intel i3-10100


  • Intel Core i9-11900K
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Valve doesn't set regional pricing. They only place options but it is entirely up to publishers to set the price as they want. 


That said, Square Enix can take L with this pricing with their non-regional pricing. Just for a couple of months instead. 

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