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Stevie G

[PS4] FIFA 15 - Farewell Season

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It's been a slightly quiet here. We had something amazing with the IPL style tourney but its been very quiet this year. But its time to end with a bang.

So this final tourney will be a 3 in 1 tournament.


1. League

2. FA Cup

3. UEFA Champions League


- Aug 17th - Sep 11

- Members who are only 101% sure of their active participation during the scheduled period should enroll.
- Interested members should submit their full name + psn id in their registration post.
- Closing Date and time for Registrations: 11.59pm on Aug 16th

- Restricted to 12 plyrs only and only on PSN.
- League has 2 games per player

- FA Cup will be a knockout tourney

-The Top 8 on 29th August qualify for the UEFA Champions League which will be 2 legged away goals counted ties (Incase someone has played all games and is 8th while someone has played 1 and is 9th, still the person who is 8th will qualify for the champions league)
- Choose only your favorite club with the current squad (Players who have left cannot be included, example no Sterling for me but I can include Firmino)

Match Settings:

- 7 mins half
- Game Speed: Normal
- Game invites via Online Friendlies
- Tactical Defending
- Custom Squads to be selected mandatory by game hoster.

- This Tourney is only open to IVG members online on the PSN.
- Custom Squads should not be exploited
- Everyone is expected to use TD in fair spirt of the game. There will be no debates entertained in this respect as its very difficult to judge which system is being used. WE COUNT ON EACH PLAYER FOR FAIR PRACTICE.
- Each member has to try to finish all his set of games.. 80% game completion required atleast.. failing which BAN will be imposed.
- Ensure that you have your oppn player added to your psn friend list.
- One player per console only allowed.
- Post any Match, Update of Match Result with Scoreline and date played in thread mandatory. Atleast one member from each team needs to verify the score.

  • Players are supposed to submit their favorite club name at the earliest. A player has to play with the same team throughout the league.
  • All the 12 plyrs PSN id's are mentioned beneath the OP. Each participant has to ensure that he has all the remaining plyrs on his FL.
  • Each player has to play 2 games with each oppn via online friendlies with Home/Away concept.
  • The Player playing at home usually sending match invite should follow all the match settings laid out in the OP strictly.
  • Players are requested to finish his set of 2 games with any opposition on same day itself, rather than keeping a single game pending with any opposition.
  • Maintaining a manual huge table of all 32 plyrs is a daunting task with no league system in fifa13.. hence..all plyrs are requested to post their match details immediately after their games.


  • A player has to mandatory complete 50% games by Sept 2nd. failing which he is subjected to be taken out from the League. All his game stats too will not be accounted. Subject to Ban in future tourneys as well
  • Any player not meeting even the mandatory game completion % by conclusion of league is subjected to Ban in future IVG tourneys.

- In case of a plyr getting dc mid game.. the game shud b stopped immediately and a rematch with the same scoreline/duration shud take place.

- No flamebaits against team-mate or any other player during the challenge period will be tolerated.
- Any doubts, queries during the
challenge should be posted in thread.
- Any member noticing any kind of misbehaviour/malpractice/offense from any other member during matches has to bring it to notice.

-Dan,Bharat, Surya, Sudhir for assisting in the format as usual...



Azaan- Barcelona

Ned- Real Madrid

Younus- Manchester United



Sudhir- Barcelona

Abhishekh- Manchester United

Siddharth- Manchester United

Ajay- Chelsea

Anuj- Real Madrid

Pradeep- Manchester United

Sanwal- Manchester United

Angad- Real Madrid

Anurag- Spurs

Edited by Stevie G

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Do we have to play all 3 tournaments?

Or is it like the top players from the league progresses to the FA CUP and then the top players of FA CUP progresses to the UEFA Champions League?


You can choose not to play Cup and Champions League

League is a must

UCL you have to be in top 8

Fa Cup all can play

Incase you dont wanna play fa cup then the person who draws you gets a bye

Incase you dont wanna play UCL and if ur in top 8 then the 9th person gets a chance

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What about transfers happening after the league starts

Once the players are registered and can play for their clubs you can also play them but just adding pedro after United website confirms that they have reached an agree net with barca is not allowed. Once the player has completed the medical and registered you can add him.

Plus you cannot use the players who leave obviously so if Valdes goes you cannot use him


Also for barca players you cannot add any new signings and you cannot use the players who have left obviously.

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