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Death Stranding

Big Boss

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Leave it to Kojima to bring out the stand out title.


Male pregnancy, mechanical umbilical cord. Pretty sure it would be a mindf**k of a game.


You can add Aliens,Gundams and Oil sheiks in there and it still going to make sense. :lol:

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Kojima's interview with Geoff Keighley. Some points that I made a note of:


- They haven't decided on a game engine yet.

- Kojima can't comment what type of game it will be i.e. whether it will be an action/adventure or a psychological thriller, etc.

- The title is inspired by whales or dolphins that are stranded by the beach, when they are dead. Hence, the title Death Stranded.

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from gaf




I think I understood which feelings Kojima wanted to pass on with this trailer. Full of Konami and his past creation references.

1 - The footprints are set on the ground and then erased. Like all the efforts Kojima offered to Konami.

2 - Reedus is naked, representing the shame Kojima was exposed to in his last days working for Konami.

3 - The broken shackles are the bound between him and the company being destroyed.

4 - The baby represents his suddenly lost creation (Metal Gear), and Reedus cries of pain and sorrow depicting Kojima's suffering.

5 - The hand marks on the body and the ink in Reedus depicts the weight of having a great successful game series on his name.

6 - The swamps shows that will be a dire path to establish another blockbuster.

7 - The crabs are other developers that never made such greatness as his.

Somewhat I felt soul connected to Kojima. It was strange.



:rofl: :rofl:

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he's just not saying it right now. said it'll have lots of action.


as for the engine, he said they shortlisted 2 of them and this test footage is based on one of them. my guess would be unreal engine 4. he got a huge tech presentation at sony bend when he was touring the world for his engine and they're using UE4 for days gone but mark cerny is listed as technical producer on the poster so it could be an internal sony engine as well.

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Ludens are born human, but possess latent mental powers far beyond those of normal humans. These abilities (referred in the text only as the Third Impulse System) can be activated and developed, a process that takes several years. It is not clear from the book who initiated the first Luden.


Ludens view themselves as a distinct race, and claim to have "different interests" from humanity at large, in some instances claiming to be above traditional human morality. The Ludens routinely conduct experiments on humans and alter their minds in order to further their own means, but according to Daniel Logovenko in "The Time Wanderers", over ninety percent of Ludens have no interest in humanity.


The Ludens operated on Earth in secret for less than one hundred years, searching for possible recruits. Any human who possesses what the Luden call "the third impulse" has the potential to be trained. On average, this impulse occurs in less than one person out of 100,000. At the time of their discovery by Maxim Kammerer and Toyvo Glumov, the Ludens on Earth numbered 432. The discovery of the Ludens caused such a shift in human understanding that it was thereafter referred to as "The Great Revelation".


The progressors want to make amends after a terrible time, forgiveness and misunderstandings have previously been the problems and higher intelligence is not always easy, ludens can translate feelings and senses from alteria energies, transitions, and put them into direction and words. They are good, with overpowering demands of correctness for evolvement and progression.





The dogtags has equations inscribed on them. They are the Schwarzschild equation/metric and the Dirac Equation.



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Schwarzschild equation/metric and the Dirac Equation.






You know those facebook profile pages of people who are desperately trying to appear intellectual, the ones that say "I enjoy discussing Quantum physics and listening to classical music like Mozart" and have Tesla as their profile pic?


This must be the video game equivalent of that.

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