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Death Stranding

Big Boss

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19 minutes ago, SaiKO said:

Where is the option to upgrade? I have ps4 physical version, how I can upgrade to ps5's DC edition? Is the upgradation not available for India yet?

I think that will be available around launch - September

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1 hour ago, dylanjosh said:

So, should I wait for this to come to PC ? :unsure: Was in the middle of playthrough 



no, play on ps5

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47 minutes ago, Snake said:

then how baller is your PC?


2060 Super / 1080p


it can handle pretty much anything @ max with the few exceptions like RDR2, a*s Creed games.


Death Stranding is well optimized and has DLSS so experience has been super smooth 



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20 minutes ago, dylanjosh said:


There's some amazing irony in the fact that the decision of calling it Directors Cut has been made above the Director. :giggle:





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It really feels like Sony has decided to milk all the goodwill they built up last gen this gen. So many paid next gen upgrades compared to MS and a $10 hike in price of new games. And naming this the director's cut while the director himself doesn't agree with it. The trailer made it feel like they are trying to change the game to fall more in line with the rest of their exclusives and appeal to the american market.

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What do you mean “compared” to M$ 

what did M$ have to upgrade & give apart from Gears 5 & Forza 4 in recent years 


Better give it for free if one is already clutching on straws 

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