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Yakuza 0


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Developer : SEGA

Publisher : SEGA

Release Date Jan 24th 2017

Genre : Beat em Up

Platform : PS4














A series first, Kiryu and Majima both can fight with three completely different styles that suit your style of play or the situation at hand. Balance, Speed, or Power -- Which will you choose? Not that you have to choose -- all three styles, once unlocked, can be swapped on the fly.





Thug Style
This showboating fighting style born of the streets suits the young Goro Majima's personality. Its flashy kicks and omnidirectional attacks gather attention, but Majima won't hesitate to go for the eyes or vital organs while in this style. Much like Kiryu's "Brawler" style, the Thug style has various grabs and is the most well rounded his styles.

Slugger Style
The Slugger fighting style puts the "bat" in "battle". Fend off blade attacks with your bat and then come out swinging to crush your opponent's guard. You can even use the bat in unconventional ways like treating it as a sword or nunchaku. By balancing the iron defense and iron hammers, you can overwhelm many opponents with this powerful style.

Breaker Style
Incorporate break dancing moves in this fighting style to break your opponents. Spin, slam and serve your opponents faster than they can keep up with. Additionally, Majima can strike a pose after performing spinning attacks causing an incredible amount of damage. It may not look like he's fighting, but when Majima is in this tricky style, his opponents will be taken out before they know what hit them.





Brawler Style
This forceful fighting style embodies the strength held by a young Kazuma Kiryu. It is a fair match against any fighting style with its kicks, punches, grabs and throws. Additionally, it has a counter attack ability that lets you throw a punch immediately after being hit. By staying in control of a fight, this style can bring down even the toughest opponents.

Beast Style
This monstrous style uses its surroundings to Kiryu's advantage. It has powerful hits and grab attacks when fighting unarmed, but its true strength lies in fights where there are objects lying around. Automatically pick up anything Kiryu can use as a weapon and bash your opponents faces in. You can use this style to crush enemies and weapons into pieces.

Rush Style
A swift fighting style that uses fast-paced repetitive punches combined with sways and weavings from light footwork. Gracefully dodge anything that's thrown at you until you find the perfect opportunity to dash in pummel your opponent. If you can get in a certain number of hits fast enough, the opponent will fall unconscious and, from there, you can slam in your strongest charged attacks.




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This is a prequel , set in 1988. It story about how Kazuma got into Yakuza .. etc.


The remake of Yakuza 1 is called Yakuza Kiwami , its out in Japan and hopefully comes to US. The translation for that game is already done anyway.

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^^ Its already out in Japan , this is for Western release.



sega should bring the yakuza games to steam.


Yea and this would be the perfect one since its a prequel.

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Yoo PC Gamers rejoice. Good chance this is coming to Steam.






Official boxart says " PS4 Console Exclusive" instead of the "Only on Playstation" tag




sega rep on PS Blog says nope.

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Dat scrub on NDTV gave it 10 Wut ? :fear:


Amazing reviews so far (except EGM) tracking 87 after 30+ reviews.




Sadly the EGM review actually accurately depicts what most modern casual gamers think of the series. "Boring and repetitive gameplay" LOL. They probably think Assasins Creed combat is better or w/e. Even here on IVG most ppl dont like it *cough* MT *cough* :P


The dude reviewing it for EGM started gaming in 2006 and likes FPS :lol: , the perfect person to review this game.



Damn so many yakuza games. Yakuza 0,Kiwami and Yakuza 6.
Yakuza 3 still sitting in my backlog.


0 is the perfect place to Start , as it is a prequel. Then you can play Kiwami which is a Remake of Yakuza 1.

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