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Yakuza 0


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Read the reviews.


Its not open world in the same sense as GTA. It is more condensed world but with tons of more interact-able stuff to do.

Not to forget yakuza combat is so.... Satisfying Edited by Walker
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Surprisingly Angry Joes review is spot on.


He highlights all the issues people will initially face with the series ( Usually why people say the series is bad and jump out)

and also tells why it people should just stick with it.




Edit : LMAO those mini games , Zodka watch this. You can buy softcore porn videos and watch them in game ? WTFF???

DOA got nothing on this. When does this come in VR ? :P

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Game is in English or you have to read subtitles to understand dialogues?.


Iam getting this over RE7.



Game has crazy amount of Mini games lol.


We are not getting censored version here, right?

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