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Yakuza 0


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It is available on eBay. Both this and RE7 are very tempting and I don't know which one to choose first


Finishing RE7 and getting rid of it is much easier. Nobody will buy this stupid a*s Yakuza game here on IVG. Plus by the time of your completion, all the hype surrounding it will have already been dead. At least half.(J/k)

So RE7 is the right way to go.
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Are the missions like gta5? Got bored in gta5 with generic missions and stupid characters. How are the missions?


By missions, I am assuming you are talking about the story and/or side missions.


As far as the main story is concerned, it is a very serious one. Without spoiling anything, generally Yakuza stories are about power struggles within and fights between the various yakuza organizations and the families that comprise them. For example, in this one ( Spoiler As far as only Chapter 1 is concerned)



One of the MC's story is about the fight to acquire a very valuable plot of land by the various criminal organizations in the city and the MC, a grunt in the Yakuza hierarchy is made a pawn in the game. His story deals with the actions and consequences of all parties concerned.



The main story is really good.


As far as sub missions are concerned, they are generally very light hearted and often silly. For example (This one was already mentioned in some reviews but still spoiler for only one of them, read at your own risk; my description might take away humor from that particular quest) -



While roaming the city. you will find a young punk band. Their music is good but the image they project (with the way they dress etc.) is that of being rebels of the society. They have a huge fan-base who think they are rebels, but they themselves are actually the opposite. They generally never speak, but this time their producer has asked them to host a meet and greet type event where they have to talk. So you have to teach them how to speak like rebels (since you are a Yakuza). You will get rewards depending on how successful you are.



The above is just an example of one of hundreds or so side quests/sub-stories.


Hope this helps :)

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