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[PC] Battlefield 1 Fragfests

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Platform : PC | PS4 | Xbox One
Release Date: Oct 21, 2016

Beta Date: Aug 31 - ???

Share your origin IDs here.


Mizanurification | Mizanurification


Archit | archit_ea

VR46 | vijju6091

Clenched_Balls | sledgehammer404

piper | piperdaddy

Madhan | madhanuk

Nr.Draca47 | NrDraca47

Nischey007 | Nischey1234

Aftrunner | Aftrunner

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New to this series, and added to the fact that my net is unstable.... I might not be the best option to play with. Lets see how my pings are, don't expect less than 350ms.


Damn, need newer drivers. Dl'in nvidia 372.70 version now.


Edit: Getting around 220-290ms in asia region. Could play after midnight. Lets see whats mrng/noon has to offer

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