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Red Dead Redemption 2

Big Boss

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3 hours ago, Black_Hawk said:

P.S. At this point I have only the final mission waiting for me on the map to complete. The mission symbol marker has been blinking in my face every time I have opened the map, beckoning me to play it. I have refused and denied myself the urge to go and see how it all ends. I don't want to end this game. Strangely enough I don't want the final piece of the puzzle to fall into place.

can relate 

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33 minutes ago, ZooZoo said:

Looking at all of your stories, It feels like I rushed the game too much to finish it when it launched. Might be a good idea to do another slow playthrough.

I took it very slow and had an amazing experience but I don't think I can ever convey my experiences so well. @Black_Hawk is a natural storyteller. 

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Chelonianism in RDR 2:


 So, back in Chapter 2 there was a mission Arthur had to complete if he chose to help Mary. The mission was called "We Loved Once and True". It involved riding up to the hilltop in Cumberland Forest and saving Mary's brother from the cult group he had joined. This cult group was called Chelonia.


Fast forward to a time in Saint Denis and while I was roving about I came across the Cult Leader for this group Anders Helgerson handing out pamphlets near a water fountain calling citizens to join his cult movement and how he would save them all. Now fast forward even more and this time past the Epilogue I found that same leader Helgerson once again handing out pamphlets encouraging people to join his cult but this time adding that a new Master has been found for the cult and he would guide us to a safe Utopia because the world was coming to an end! He wanted me to join...


Was I going to join?


Of course I was! I'm all in for a journey into utopian bliss and thus I got on my horsey and rode all the way up to the same hilltop I had visited in Chapter 2 in Cumberland Forest.


Once I reached, things took a hilarious turn:




Arrived and spotted the Chelonian clan which constituted of exactly 4 followers and Helgerson himself! Well, 4 is better than none I thought to myself! I noticed he had a huge green Turtle shell armor strapped on his chest and back. After a brief speech he asked the followers (I was a part of them now) to follow him. He proceeded to walk to the edge of the cliff...




I was nervous, very nervous at this point...



So, we followed our Leader in search for Utopian Bliss in Chelonia like lambs being led to the slaughter...


Notice how the Master is the only one sporting the huge Turtle shell armor and the rest of us had nothing!



And then they all jumped into Bliss and I watched grown men take the leap of faith one by one...



There was no going back now! I was too far gone. My head was taken over by some greater power. I could hearing the calling. Utopian Bliss awaited me, I knew this is what I was meant to do and experience... so I jumped after the lambs before me...



(As you can see John even shouts "Chelonia" as he leaps off the cliff... but then where's the Utopia beneath him!!)


Utopia Access Denied. This is what I saw next...


Red Dead Alright. :fear1:



And no, the Turtle Shell armor didn't do jack for the Master. He was pasted on the ground below as well. So much for Chelonianism. :clapping:




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Went for a UFO Sighting trip and spotted 2 of them:


UFO 1:

This can be spotted at night at Hani's Bethel in New Hanover after you visit the place during daytime and collect a letter of Mysterious Sermon. When you re-enter the Bethel a sound is heard of a spacecraft and then the green glow of the UFO hovering above is seen:






The scene inside Hani's Bethel is that of a cult of people who committed suicide in belief of getting inside an spacecraft. Rockstar throwing a huge reference here to the Heaven's Gate Cult true incident Suicide that was found in 1997. Rockstar even narrowed down the detailing to the T by having all the dead cult members in the game at Hani's bethel wearing the same shoes (brown boots) because in the Heaven's Gate Suicide back in 1997 all the cult members who died wore the same Nike shoes!


Shoes in the game on every lifeless body present there:



Superb attention to detail! :majesty:


UFO 2:

This one flies over Mount Shann at night (1AM):






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Just had my first full play through with epilogues. 


I can't believe its an actual game. Never played anything so good and so beautiful. Super long but worth every second. Was one of the first game I tried after getting the ps5 and only just finished it. 


Take it as slow as possible and enjoy every second! From the visual scenery to the NPCs, it felt so real, never felt like a game. And the music is absolutely perfect. Every scene is supported with an even perfect music. So much emotions went through the game, don't think any game can match it anytime soon!


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5 minutes ago, dylanjosh said:

Guys will there be any missions in the old RDR1 area? I explored a bit and saw the RDR1 locations. Just wondering if the story takes us there or its just there for nostalgia sake 


Mexico isn't in it, idk about anything else. Only areas on the map, nothing beyond it except for a certain part in Chapter 5 :) 

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Finished the game :majesty::majesty:

10/10 game for me even tho it had its faults. Everything else more than made up.


RDR1+2 spoilers



The ending is bittersweet knowing what happens in the end of RDR1. I'm really glad Charles and Sadie survived though. All the characters were so good. 




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On 4/18/2021 at 5:52 PM, dylanjosh said:

Yeah I'l talking about the west side of the map. Armadillo, Tumbleweed, Theives Landing  etc


Yea, I don't think there's anything on that side of the map. Too bad they didn't plan some SP DLC that made use of it :(

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