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[12BG] x 9 Deals of Christmas Giveaways. Midnight till Dawn !

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Hmm bahut pi li hai lagta tune :P

In classical mechanics, we compensate for the larger distance by increasing the velocity, whichis distance over time. In relativity, we are not allowed to change the velocity of light, so we must compensate for the larger distance by increasing the time! That is, the photon takes a longer time to traverse the gap in the moving reference frame. This is the only way to satisfy the postulates.It is important to note that when we say the amount of time elapsed is different in the two frames, we don't mean that these are two different events, and in one case the time is onevalue and in another case the time is another value. We are talking about a single event seen from two different perspectives. The fact that the two frames disagree on the length of the same event means that the passage of time itself is different in each frame.

First, time does not slow down foryouas you approach light speed. From your perspective, time passes normally. Instead, you observe timeto be slowing for all other objects that you are moving relative to. In turn, they all observe your time to be slower than theirs. The effect is symmetric.

Second, time dilation does not happen only when you travel near light speed. The formula derived above applies for all relative velocities. Two objects with a relative velocity of 1 m/s will observe each other's time to be slowed by about0.000000000000000556%. That adds up to a one second difference every 5.7 billion years. At 500mph, the difference would accumulate to one second in only 114,064 years.

So for me it was already 4am as I'm traveling at light speed hence i posted Feliz Navidad in my own relative timeframe.

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