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The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

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Welcome to IVG's Official PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Thread Part 2
Check out part 1 here.




Xbox One S Specs and General Information

(Not available in India officially just yet, right now MS India only has the original Xbox One available)



Project Scorpio General Information and Specs


PlayStation 4

PS4 Slim General Information and Specs


PS4 Pro General Information and Specs

What to expect from both consoles at E3 2017


Thanks to Zodak for the OP content.

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Wasn't Xbl gold 2200 per year?

They changed to 4k a year.

Atleast that's what I read when people mentioned it. That they received an email from Microsoft.



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Oh...Thats bad in that case...i said good deal when i saw 15 months...i thought they are giving 3 months more now.....chalo asa nahi ki khali hum log ki le reha hai Sony....Microsoft bhi le reha hai...:P

Its availavle online for around 3k still cheaper or same as ps4 and atleast it doesnt have the stupid region restrictions.


Plus got a really good deal on fk last month,1year for 1500 bucks . Some of my friends bought for 2-3 years :lol:

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Why change when that's what it's gonna turn into :lol:

how does that matter, isn't that the trend here, soon around 8-10 royal sony fanboys will team up against trigger and zodk :P


and then keep on waiting for life that maybe sony will pay them in someway for the fanboyism they show on a small little forum :harhar:

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Jab tu scorpio lega...

I think you are the only playstation fan in this forum who always has something good to say about ps4 without actually owning 1.

I know zodak also goes overboard defending the xbox but atleast he owns both the consoles.Its funny you call him out always when you are actually just like him if not worse. :lol:

console ley ley bhai unless you have bigger plans like staying one generation behind always :rofl:

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