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5 hours ago, Star Lord said:

Lol price increased and date changed on Flipkart. I had to buy digital :(


For f**k's sake, last year I bought it off Amazon and they had a huge mess up while Flipkart delivered on time. This time I order from FK and now this happens.


Also bought it during the sale at a discounted price, urgh!

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18 hours ago, DinJo said:

Denuvo got destroyed for FIFA as well 


After this and Warhammer, doubt many publishers will be interested in Denuvo anymore. 


10 hours ago, DinJo said:

@Joe Cool - Does the PC version works with HDR ?


Demo worked with HDR for me in Win 10 


No idea. Yet to try the PC version. :fear:


9 hours ago, Kushagra said:

So, I got a temporary ban for trading on Web App yesterday. Didn't do anything except do some SBCs and traded bunch of lower rated Golds, any idea how long this ban will last?


Usually 12-24 hours for soft ban. 

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