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These days trading tips are saturated. Your best bet would be just doing what you used to be best.


Short term trading

Consumable Trading - works well during weekend league.

Inform Trading - if you have coins, it's pretty good trading. High risk. High reward.

One To Watch trading - another high-risk high-reward trading. Except this could have a higher risk than inform if the player ends up injured or doesn't perform well in reality. 

Weekend League 

Marquee Matchups trading - pretty good but you need to be active and fast if you want to make a profit.

BPM (Bronze Pack Method) - saturated but some still do it.


Honestly, just invest in yourself. Do some trading if you are good but mostly just play. No guide is really going to help since it involves in luck, timing and coins you have. 


If you are F2P, it's always going to be a hard start but I believe it's the most fun way to begin your FUT journey. 


PS: redeem coin boosters from the catalog, get all those kits and balls and sell if you are not using it. 



My plans for FUT this year:


1. A road to glory - like always never spent money on points, so this is the best part for me. Start from scratch and go all the way to winning Division 1. 

2. Squad Battles - for making coins while rotating teams.

3. Weekend league - 40 games every weekend can be hectic. But still, will take part for the rewards it offers. 


Can't wait. One more week. 

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No. I don't buy physical media. Got digital version key early for pre-loading from Amazon. 


Anyways, I'll be active from 29th. 




Anymore else getting FIFA 18? Feel free to post your PSN ID here and join. More the merrier.  tnnVZNo.png





  • Kick off Cup - basically getting started with FIFA 18. Short community tournament. Will have up to 3 days + a final day. Participants will have to complete their games in allotted time. 
  • IVG League - a traditional league that will span out for months based on a number of participants. Flexible timing. Friday & Saturdays. 1-2 matches/weekly. More details on it soon.
  • Champions cup - a traditional cup league. Participants will be divided into groups before completing. Flexible timing. 1-2 matches/week. Sundays. More details on it soon. 
  • Themed tournaments - will follow EA's themes mostly. Halloween cup during October 29 till October 31. Limited entries. Best of 3 knockouts based. More details near the event. 
  • FUT stuff and rest - November. WIll have enough time for participants to build their team in meantime. More details later.  




  1. Ideas are welcome.
  2. The timings are entirely up to participants. Just make sure to complete your matches and report the scores. 2-4 games weekly will take only an hour and is completely doable. 
  3. All tournaments/cup/league/etc will have their own thread under Tournament section with a set of rules. Make sure to check and sign up before the deadline. 
  4. Be active. If you cannot, please report it beforehand.
  5. Have fun.


 CNihrhD.gif CNihrhD.gif

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