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2 hours ago, Survivor said:

I bought fifa 16 with pes 16. I found fifa's interface bit cumbersome..  May be I was new to fifa that's why. 



FIFA 16 menu was the worst. FIFA 15 and 17 were much better. 


18 minutes ago, hazard12345 said:

is the standard edition on ps4  available for preload ?


Yeah. Pre-loaded mine earlier today. 

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Preload for NA Ronaldo and icon edition started on 18th

NA region started on 22nd.


Preload for eu and asia region for ronaldo and icon edition starts on 24th. standard edition on 26th.


edit: For PS4.


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Squad Battles:


Weekdays: 4 games

Weekends: 8 games

Total: 36 games weekly. 

  • Monday 1 AM UK -> Tuesday 1 AM UK -> 4 games
  • Tuesday 1 AM UK -> Wednesday 1 AM UK -> 4 games
  • Wednesday 1 AM UK -> Thursday 1 AM UK -> 4 games
  • Thursday 1 AM UK -> Friday 1 AM UK -> 4 games
  • Friday 1 AM UK -> Saturday 1 AM UK -> 4 games


  • 1 AM UK -> 9 AM UK -> 4 games
  • 9 AM UK -> 5 PM UK -> 4 games
  • 5 PM UK -> 1 AM UK (Sunday) -> 4 games

Sunday 1 AM UK -> Sunday 9 AM UK -> 4 games


Games will carry over but limited to 1 turn. Monday games can be played on Tuesday but not on Wednesday.

Points are accumulated globally, and so you can drop ranks. 


Points are given for the following:

  • Match Complete
  • Match Result
  • Skill Bonus
  • Goals
  • Pass Accuracy
  • Possession
  • Shots on Target
  • Clean Sheet
  • Goal Conceded
  • Corners
  • Tackles
  • Foul
  • Cards
  • Offsides

Goal points based on difficulty:

  • Ultimate = 160 Points per goal (800 Total Points)
  • Legendary = 140 Points per goal (700 Total Points)
  • World Class = 100 Points per goal (500 Total Points)
  • Professional = 60 Points per goal (300 Total Points)
  • Semi-Pro = 40 Points per goal (200 Total Points)

Difficulty multiplier:

  • Ultimate - 2.6
  • Legendary - 2.1
  • World Class - 1.6
  • Professional - 1.0
  • Semi-Pro - 0.7

Anything less than semi-pro isn't really worth playing on. 

Professional - World Class difficulty yield best result without getting stressed. 

Example: ~1200 points on PRO will get you ~1400 points on WC. The 200 point is not worth the hassle if you want to play while relaxing.

Same for legendary and ultimate. You are better off winning on legendary than narrowly miss out on Ultimate. 



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12 hours ago, Survivor said:

Shall we see Barcelona and Messi in fifa 18? 


Of course. PES holds rights for Camp Nou though. 


5 hours ago, Ulags said:

Am new to FIFA on PS4. Been playing from fifa 12 to 17 on PC. How active is ivg FIFA community guys? I have literally zero friends in PS4. Any pro clubs team here? What about tournaments. Sorry for so many questions..


If anything, the PS4 community is very active here. We already have a bunch of players from here getting FIFA 18.


Check out this thread. Share your ID and feel free to add others too. 


Discord channel for updates and other stuff (easy way to stay connected/look for players)


As for community tournaments, it is planned. I'll put on the details in coming days. TEaMw6n.png

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