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The Indie Games Thread - Out now: Blasphemous 2

Heaven Angel

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15 hours ago, harjas said:

I wouldn't mind testing it out!



@joecool I released the little fella :P


Sure, starting beta testing soon, will ping you when :) 


15 hours ago, adity said:

Not android?

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Nah it's still in plan, possibly two weeks post the ios release!


I'll post thedetails in the mobile game thread as soon as the betatesting starts :D

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Good thread and nice OP , this is how we should be starting new threads....


There was this game i played on PSN, like there is a family of knights and every time you die, your photo goes on a wall and you are reborn and play as the next of kin from your bloodline, anyone remember which game is it ?  It was quite entertaining but I remember it being damn hard though.

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Done with Late Shift. Nice FMV game. Quite short but has 7 different endings and your choices matter. Each playthrough is about an hour. 



  • Multi-optional Storytelling: One story, countless storylines, seven endings.
  • A completely live action, cinematic interactive thriller, filmed in full HD in London, England.
  • Over 180 decision points in total with no pauses and no looping footage.
  • Directed by Tobias Weber, and written by Michael R. Johnson, author of Sherlock Holmes (2009 film)
  • Acting performances by Joe Sowerbutts (Matt), Haruka Abe (May-Ling) and Oliver Twist’s Richard Durden (Samuel Parr).

Worth checking it out if you like FMV games. 

Steam | PSN

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Absolver out now. 

  • Absolver is one of the top games of the year. While its level design can use some work, its combat system should be studied and worshiped by anyone trying to make a fighting game.
  • Even now, I never know when a player wants to hug me or punch me, and I like that element of surprise.
  • Absolver's methodical combat would be superlative on its own, but the unique customisation of its Combat Deck takes this melee brawler to thrilling new heights.
  • Combining unique and rewarding combat with the freedom to explore its beautiful areas in any order you see fit, Absolver is one of the best adventures of the year.
  • Absolver is a great combat game, and a fantastic blend of genres. It’s just sad that the PVE side of things is so short, because I’d really have enjoyed the game if there was more of an adventure to play through. Still, if you’re an old pro and fan of fighting games then Absolver may very well be worth the buy. It’s unique blend of ARPG and traditional kung-fu mastering is a whole lot of fun.
  • Absolver recognizes its singular goal of building a robust, satisfying martial arts combat system. It leans into those strengths, and it's a better game for it.
  • Absolver feels very special when it works as intended.
  • Absolver delivers on its promise of a compelling and unique combat system, but falls flat in almost every other way. Some baffling design decisions hold it back, so it's hard to recommend the game simply based on its combat.
  • A short and barren single-player adventure that's really only for players who want to dig into the multiplayer components

OpenCritic: 78/100 | Steam | PSN



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Not sure whether this would come under Indie games or mobile content but Kurtkz who has created a really good cricket game in PC named Cricket heroes is making its way to Mobile with




Few videos of gameplay.





There are a few bugs and those will get rectified ASAP.. He is active on Planet Cricket Forum




Any issues faced which needs rectification can be listed here..

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(re)Played a bunch:

  • Unravel - beautiful with a nice soundtrack but some levels overstay their welcome. 
  • Little Nightmares - good platformer. Sort of like Inside, but better.
  • Terraria - still nice but these days prefer Starbound.
  • Limbo - good old game. Still holds up.
  • The Unfinished Swan, Flower, Flow - pretentious.


September: will be all about Divinity: Original Sin II for me. That said, have eyes on these:


  • Archaica: The Path of Light
  • Middle Ages Hero
  • RAID: World War II
  • Hob
  • Fall of Light
  • Cuphead



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  • Heaven Angel changed the title to The Indie Games Thread - Out now: Nobody Saves the World
  • Heaven Angel changed the title to The Indie Games Thread - Out now: Blasphemous 2

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