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Numbers, MTx, and Fiscal sales discussion thread

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Hey i thought we need a separate thread to discuss this. Micro transactions are now starting to show up in many paid games. Earlier it used to be that it only was a part of free to play games but now a lot of AAA paid games have this as well.

One justification given for this is video games development costs have increased a lot however the prices have remained the same so for companies to turn a profit Micro transactions are a necessary evil.

This was fine as long as Micro transactions were used only for cosmetic things and did not give the buyer any gameplay advantage. However some recent few games have some Micro transactions which either give players certain advantage over other players or the kind where a player gets to skip a large portion of gameplay or grind to get things done faster.


We can discuss the impact of Micro transactions and lootboxes in video games here instead of talking about it in every game thread.

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Microtransaction is FINE:

  • When it doesn't affect the game nor locks anything behind it by adding a long layer of grind in a single-player game.
  • When the game doesn't have a season pass and gives all post-launch content for free.
  • When the game is rewarding enough that it ridicules the presence of microtransaction. 
  • When it is cosmetic. 

Microtransaction is not FINE:

  • When it is aggressive and the game content is locked behind it to push MT. 
  • When the game has a season pass on top of MT.

Microtransaction is going to stay. Like it or not, but as long it doesn't affect users or locks out by adding a huge grind in a single player game, it is fine by me.


Games like Shadow of War doesn't need MT in the first place, let alone have a $50 season pass along with a huge grind locked behind MT. 


While games like Assassin's Creed (past titles) has been doing MT and it is completely fine as it doesn't affect nor has anything locked behind it. 

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^ Don't forget games that alter their philosophies in sequels solely for MTs, like consumable shaders in D2 and race mods in FM7. I means, as shitty as shader thing is, it's still cosmetic. But how fking stupidly greedy do you have to be to lock one of the core gameplay features of your game, one that I wish every racing game had including GT, behind loot boxes? You earn credits to buy lootboxes to get mods to get multipliers to earn more credit so you can buy more loot boxes, what the fk? This hamster wheel is rediculus even without the involvement of real money. 

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For most AAA devs MTs are main source of their income. Standard 60$ price tag is not enough for AAA devs today as game development cost is constantly going up but game prices are still 60$.  MTs not only help devs in creating more content but also help them in maintaining servers for online games.. As time goes on more and more devs will find different ways to put microtransactions in games.. They make way too money from this to abandon this practice. People who complain about microtransactions are in minority and usually found on forums like GAF and IVG. Mainstream gaming  audience don't mind paying if MTs make their experience better or give them advantage over other players. If they can bypass busy work by paying then they will do it.


In GTA online, people spend around 100-500$ almost every month on cash cards just to buy fake gold color airplane :|. Last month one crazy guy bought 300$ worth of  loot boxes in Gears 4 just to unlock super rare black steel outfit for Marcus lol.  It's coz of such crazy people AAA devs are adding MTs in almost every game. These loot boxes are here to stay and not going away.



Check this...





and this


Getting addicted ... bought 5000 loot boxes






Now, Can u blame devs for adding Microtransactions?? Loot boxes are straight gambling..People get addicted to opening loot boxes in games, just like they get addicted to gambling in real life.


Some people say you should boycott Rockstar games from now on...It's not easy to boycott games from such high profile developer like Rockstar studio, especially for hardcore gamers like us.. RDR 2 is dayone buy for many no matter.




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Lootboxes and micro transactions are currently the flavor of the month across the Internet.
Everyone will forget about it when October is over.
Gamers suffer from short term memory loss something which is very common among indian people as well.
Or maybe it is the very forgiving nature of people.
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i have no problem with MTs and lootboxes whatever unless they turn game P2W/Grind


like in BF4 they have those "shortcut kits" that are P2W in a way but i don't think that affects gameplay

i hate them locking attachments behind those (((battlepacks))) though.

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Open critic method to tackle loot boxes not gonna work.. lol


I was playing Skyforge last night with bunch of pantheon/clan members and they all were saying that they actually like games with microtransactions, If game helps them to avoid grind through microtransactions then they don't mind paying money to avoid grind. Microtransactions are godsend for them and they will happily pay over 100$ to avoid grind and goto good stuff straight away. 


Majority of people are not against MTs and happily want to buy these loot boxes. Iam playing Fortnite and players spend 100$/month to buy new laama box full epic heroes and weapons lol .

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Only MMO users are not against microtransactions because it keeps the game alive. Without MT, MMOs won't survive. 



Second, it's always going to TIME vs. Money. You can either invest your time in-game and progress or spend that time working outside, make money and spend it in-game to unlock stuff. Or just play without caring about it. 



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But what about GTA Online and Fortnite ? These games are not MMO... People buy cash cards in GTA online to avoid any kind of grind. They just buy 100$ cash card which gives them 20m GTA$ and then they buy high end vehicles to f**k around in open world and then Rockstar adds even more expensive vehicles along with even more expensive cash cards and then they buy them again and cycle keeps on going...


People are addicted to this sh*t. They are stuck in this vicious circle and don't how to get out.  Grind in GTA online is 10 times worst than most free to play MMOs now. It was so good but now completely ruined by Rockstar :(


And dude these are not 12 year old kids...40-50 year old people play GTA Online and Fortnite.. Majority GTA Online players are adults. Just go and listen to public chat, most are adults in public chat shouting racist slurs.

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GTA online is kind of MMOish (?) since the world is active and build around it for players. You can stay in all day and do stuff without leaving. Second, Rockstar has made online in such a way that people will keep coming back for more. The vicious cycle of shiny objects. 



I don't know about Fornite PvE but it's going to be an F2P game and they require MTs to survive as well. 


23 minutes ago, WhiteWolf said:

And dude these are not 12 year old kids...40-50 year old people play GTA Online and Fortnite.. Majority GTA Online players are adults. Just go and listen to public chat, most are adults in public chat shouting racist slurs.



Only people who spend money on MTs are below 18 and above 35. Below 18 don't care about money and ride on parents CC. Above 35+ and you don't have time for the grind. You just want to spend the money you earned and have some fun. Can't blame them.


I'm fine as long it doesn't affect MY game and my progression. Couldn't care less if you or someone wants to spend $$$ in-game. At least I get free stuff that way. URbBVLL.gif


The problem is, why are MTs added to single player games and back it up with a huge layer of monotonous grind? In online games, you can spend and show off (believe me, many do) but no point in spending money in SP game. Yes, you can avoid it but you are also stuck with a huge grind. 

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Dont like it? Dont buy it. Then the bubble will burst.

But the fact that these games still sell the same millions of copies they always do just proves that nothing is gonna change.


Cosmetic RNG loot boxes? Guess what happens if nobody actually buys them? They will go on sale individually. They arent gonna waste those assets just lying there in the store. Oh But No! those same whiny neckbeards who complain will go and buy that box 100 times to get the most revealing costume for their virtual waifu.


P2W Rng loot boxes? Tons of other actual skill based games in every genre Dota2,SF,CSGO. Oh but those games are hard and everybody is too good. I want instant gratification of a win without putting the effort. Here take 5$ for this in-game boost.  


P2W always existed in some form , even before it was officially an in-game thing. People would grind trade rare items in MMOs for real life money. Essentially you are just handing work off to some gold farmer in china.


I find it quite rich of that Youtuber to complain about loot boxes and "Corporate Greed" like he is above everyone else. While there is such a thing as corporate greed , its not like it didnt exist before lootboxes or anything.

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11 hours ago, VelivolusDas said:



Yeah if the industry was represented by same 3 or 4 greedy fkers, publishers who started online pass, season pass, MTs in full price games, attempted no resale DRM and now lootboxes, then yeah industry would be in trouble. Fortunately this year alone is filled to the brim with quality games that have absolutely nothing to do with MTs or loot crates, and sold way more than their publisher's expectations. So yeah, they can take their SOS and shove right up their a*s. I wouldn't shed two tears if these 4 publishers go out of business tomorrow.

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