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FPS drop for Assassin's Creed Games

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16 minutes ago, ruseldcruze said:

Also are there any disadvantages to downloading from Ocean of Games?

Yes, you can get banned here.


Welcome and may be good-bye :P

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1 hour ago, ruseldcruze said:

I ran Crysis 3, ARMA 3, Battlefield 4 on my Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz, 4GB RAM, NVIDIA GT710 2GB on medium graphics at 40-60 fps.


But Assassin's Creed Black Flag runs only 20-25 FPS on medium graphics. What's up with that?


Also are there any disadvantages to downloading from Ocean of Games?


Welcome to the forums. 


To answer your query, I am not quite sure about Assassin's Creed Blag Flag's requirements but I think you lie on the lower end of the scale, I would suggest you try turning every option to low and see how things go. Cheers! 


I see like all of us gamers you do not go through the EULA. So here is a friendly reminder of the forums' rules, 


General Rules and Regulations:

Avoid bad language and insults. Show a little respect for fellow members and their opinions.

Comments that offend one's religion/race/caste are prohibited and will be dealt with severely.

Read forum guidelines before posting and especially before starting new threads.

No SMS language, please. Post in English.

When posting game spoilers, please use spoiler or hide tags. Don't spoil it for those who are yet to play it.

Do not use IndianVideoGamer to advertise your website, forum, business, etc. You are free to add a link to your site in your signature, but pimping your business on the forums or via personal messages is strictly prohibited.

If you'd like to start a recruitment thread for your business, contact a Moderator for permission first.

If you find that another member is breaking any rule, inform a Moderator or Administrator, rather than involving yourself directly.

Do not post pornographic content or links to porn sites.

Don't post offensive or violent videos from Youtube or any other site.

Posting links to illegal downloads (warez, torrents, etc) is strictly prohibited.

Discussions on PSN game sharing, direct or indirect, are against the rules.

A moderator/administrator may lock/delete any thread if it is found to be against the rules or against IVG policies.

Please do not post here using two accounts. Anyone found using multiple accounts will be banned permanently.

Only one custom image is allowed in a member's signature. (animated gif images are not allowed)

Political or religious content is not allowed in avatars/signature.


Discussions on modding piracy:

Discussions on modding - how to do it, where to do it - are not permitted.

Discussions on game piracy are strictly prohibited.

Anyone found encouraging or enabling modding or piracy will be banned.



I hope you understand and have a pleasant stay in the community. Cheerio! 


P.S. -- Locking thread. You can use the search function in the top right to pull up the Black Flag thread and ask your query there. 

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