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Shame, this looked promising.




Gameplay trailers of Atomic Heart were reportedly developed as vertical slices instead of being captured from a working build of the game, giving the impression of a polished game to audiences. According to a report on DTF.ru, development of Atomic Heart has suffered through crunch, failed promises to the development team regarding bonuses, mismanagement, lack of milestones, reboots, misleading via vertical slice, feature creep, and several other problems. A total of over 10 members of the game’s development team have corroborated his story.


Salsa: https://twistedvoxel.com/atomic-heart-trailers-vertical-slice-crunches-mismanagement/

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1 hour ago, SpearHea:D said:

Every video looks more impressive than the previous one. 


Kinda curious how game will turn out.


Gecko posted above the trailers were made as vertical slice and whole game will not be like this.


It does look too good to be true IMHO.

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