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Joe Cool

E3 2018 - General Discussion and News

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E3 takes place June 12-14, 2018, at The Los Angeles Convention Center.

EA Play takes place June 09-12, 2018, at The Hollywood Palladium.






11 AM PT, June 09 (see your local time)

IST: 11:30 PM

IVG thread: link






1 PM PDT, June 10 (see your local time)

IST: 01:30 AM

IVG thread: link






6:30 PM PDT, June 10 (see your local time)

IST: 07:00 AM

IVG thread: link






10 AM PDT, June 11 (see your local time)

IST: 10:30 PM

IVG thread: link






1 PM, PDT, June 11 (see your local time)

IST: 01:30 AM

IVG thread: link






3 PM, PDT, June 11 (see your local time)

IST: 03:30 AM

IVG thread: link






6 PM, PDT, June 11 (see your local time)

IST: 06:30 AM

IVG thread: link






9 AM, PDT, June 12 (see your local time)

IST: 09:30 PM

IVG thread: link




*If anyone is interested in making Nintendo E3 thread, please post below.


*Local time is automatically adjusted according to your location.


*More live stream links will be added when available.


*Feel free to share any news or rumour related to E3 below.


*No flame-baiting or trolling.


*Game list and other stuff will be updated shortly.


*IVG live chat room: DISCORD


*Good times ahead.



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This year, four of Sony's own titles will feature prominently in the show, with Shawn Layden, chairman of Worldwide Studios, saying that we'll get a deep dive with the "big four" —

  1. Death Stranding
  2. Ghost of Tsushima
  3. Spider-Man
  4. The Last of Us Part 2

Layden also confirmed on the Blogcast that there are no plans for new hardware announcements at E3 this year.




Bethesda teasing RAGE 2.



May 14 possible reveal. 




  • EA announced it'd have new EA Sports games, The Sims 4, and its mobile games at this year's EA Play as well as an "inside look" at Anthem and the next Battlefield.
  • Devil May Cry director Hideaki Itsuno could reveal his next game at E3. It didn't have a presence at E3 2017, but Hideaki tweeted that the "development of the new project is now under climax," indicating that his team will have something to reveal soon. Rumours suggest that this will be a new Devil May Cry. 
  • There was a tweet on Prey's Twitter that hints at potential Prey DLC. This could be announced at Bethesda's E3 2018 showcase. 
  • Splatoon 2 will also be playable at Nintendo's E3 showcase. It's not clear whether or not they'll show off new DLC.
  • CD Project Red will have some sort of RPG at E3, as revealed on the E3 2018 website. It wasn't specifically listed as Cyberpunk 2077, leaving room for speculation. 
  • Remedy may be showing their next game, Project 7, at E3.
  • Capcom has an Action/Adventure game listed for Nintendo Switch on its E3 2018 Exhibitor page. It also has Action/Adventure tagged for PC/Windows and Xbox One, then Fighting/Wrestling for PC/Windows and PlayStation 4.
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Just now, Walker said:

Red Alert



I gave up on that. It's gone and won't be coming back.


Meanwhile in China: 



2 minutes ago, Walker said:



Evolution isn't around anymore sadly. 


3 minutes ago, Walker said:



Would be nice but from a financial standpoint, I doubt they will ever bring it back. They got Battlefield and STAR WARS running. Another shooter wouldn't do well for them. 


4 minutes ago, Walker said:

Dying Light Sequel



It'll happen...eventually. 


5 minutes ago, Walker said:

Resident Evil 



Bit early. We got Biohazard last year. Maybe next E3. This year Capcom might bring back Devil May Cry. 


8 minutes ago, Walker said:



The original VD-Dev is working on RISE: Race The Future. No info since 2016 though.



10 minutes ago, Walker said:




Criterion is too busy cleaning up the mess. Plus, they are working on some action-adventure game with a particular focus on melee combat, and some level of open world elements.


14 minutes ago, Walker said:



Make sure you have a copy of original games so your kids can enjoy Half-Life 3 in few decades.  


Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Team Fortress 3... 3JyRYhI.png

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