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Marvel’s Avengers

Heaven Angel

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This game is so sh*t it's irredeemable. Who ever made the decisions needs to do some serious introspection on how they could ever get everything so wrong. 

Forget all the GaaS bullshit and still the game fails on a very fundamental level. 

The character animations and gameplay is just horrendous. When hulk runs, there needs to be feedback for it like when Kratos runs in GoW, screen shakes, Ground shakes, debri flying. Instead he movies in a very floaty yet heavy manner like a f**king moron. 

Its hard to describe but I just feel they should just stop with the updates and kill the game completely. It's just not the output you expect from a AAA studio. I've played indie games which understand animations and feedback better than this game. 

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9 hours ago, Joe Cool said:



Fortnite is no joke. Best team from Epic games working on it and now its fully UE5 on nextgen consoles and pc.  Emotes are fully mo capped in Fortnite and has better animation than most AAA games lol.

Also, its clear CD didnt put much effort on Spiderman as it was only on one platform.  Klaw raid and all other characters DLCs are far better and more involved. 

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I have about 2 hours on this game, and yes it's not that good tbh. Especially considering I played GOTG before this so that and Spider-Man are my Marvel game benchmarks. Still, I'll finish the story once at least and may do some online sessions...

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7 minutes ago, WhiteWolf said:

Completed Klaw Raid few times. Close to unlocking Elite raid. 




Add on Xbox. If you want to join a team


I already uninstalled it. I managed to get everyone up to PL158 or so via OLT, then got extremely bored and didn't even feel like doing the long-a*s raid. The player base really crumbled for this game with all the bugs that kept showing up. Reddit is pretty much tore it a new one every other day. :P 


It was fun while it lasted though. 

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