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2 hours ago, Joe Cool said:

Forgot Miles coming to PS4 too. So just Demon's Souls Remaster is "so many AAA titles at launch". 

If you take that into consideration then XBseriesX is not getting a single exclusive until announced otherwise 


just think again what you are comparing & what lines you need to draw in your own mind for those comparisons 

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2 hours ago, Joe Cool said:

None of these have release date and we don't know MS plans to release either. Best to wait and see.


Only thing known is neither of the consoles have any good games at launch. 

What? Ps5 launch lineup is not good now. Come on man. Seriously? 


Demon n Miles are AAA. Sackboy/all stars is there. What more do you want  :doh:


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5 hours ago, KnackChap said:

RnC, returnal and even kena and more.  Games like deathloop were also but got delayed. 


Don't think Returnal has an official year, just passing mention in some Linkedin profile that its a 2021 title. Basically everything is 2021, and if nothing slips into 2022 it'll be a crazy stacked year.

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It would have been crazier had the pandemic not delayed the production 


Sony was!! really pushing to it’s max for any Console launch since PS2 










Demon’s Souls R 



all in first year or max 2 (looking at GoW) 

crazy stuff by Sony 


Inflation in India is a downer though 

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5 minutes ago, Mysteryman said:

I bet there is internal development hell too. The original director (famous for her E3 appearance) left so there is a creative hole in the direction for the game. 

Also means that Microsoft will not get its revenues from this studio till at least 2023. 


The whole game is shrouded in....mystery...

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