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Watch Dogs Legion


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On 8/18/2021 at 10:14 PM, WhiteWolf said:

Ubisoft never gives what fans want when it comes to games. We want Sam back with proper SC game but they refuse to make one instead they just put Sam as guest star in every other IP they own.


We always wanted futuristic AC game, they adding it in WDL but not making modern futuristic AC game. 



Why Ubisoft doing this ? :/


People were asking for futuristic AC game back then Desmond was protagonist but I think thats died down now. Tbh even I don't want a futuristic AC game. The whole appeal of AC is to explore past civilisations. 



5 hours ago, Joe Cool said:

Huh, another free weekend. 



Must be working for them maybe. Not going to give this one a try. 

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  • 4 months later...

It sucked. Most of it was generic with terrible voice acting and ended up worse than the previous 2 games. 


The idea was nice but was executed so poorly. 

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