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The Outer Worlds

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Finished it. Level 30 and around 20 hours-ish. Kinda short for an RPG but enjoyable overall. If you have played Obsidian games before you probably know what you would be in for. Solid writing, interesting side quests and tons of ways to progress through them.


Not a fan of the art direction though. It looks very Borderland-ish. I also felt like none of the planets really had a "personality" of their own. Infact all the locations kind blend together and I would be hard pressed to tell one place apart from another even after finishing the story. The galaxy map in your ship makes the game look a lot more larger than it is because some of the planets are barely used in the main quest (do you even go to Scylla if you dont do companion quests?) and a couple of them are just one single location. Plus the fact that you often find the same 3-4 species of wildlife walking around all of these planets doesnt help them feel copy paste-ish.


On the plus side, I was surprised by how much fun the shooting and combat was. And since its an Obsidian RPG you can talk, lie, hack etc through a large part of the game as well. The core gameplay here is rock solid and if they ever do a sequel with a larger budget, I would be pretty hyped. I would not recommend this at full price but $20 ish you will definitely get your money's worth. Or grab the Xbox game pass and run through it in a couple of weeks. 


Side note, Obsidian are the only devs who can write genuinely funny dialogue. The banter between your squadmates is top notch. 

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