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Elden Ring


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6 hours ago, CarbonCore said:

Heaven helped me beat Vicar Amelia in Bloodborne in like 3 minutes, great guy :P


Those were the days, we used to play Destiny 1, GTA V and co-op BB. We stunned and burned Vicar Amelia so hard. She literally got banged.


5 hours ago, rushaboswal said:

A pro at it too.


Initially I was planning to get this on PS5 but I had no idea Sifu will be souls like kung fu hentai. I love to help other fellow gamers. We'd have done co-op. 

Hate to know there's no crossplay. My PC friends are also telling not to refund. 6.5k already spent on this single game. 

Aur spend karne ko na bolna. 


5 hours ago, 0verlord said:

1) we are competing on who beats game 1st, so we can’t co-op on 1st playthrough at least. NG+ definitely co-op


2) I am getting my Xbox disc on 28th Feb, 3 days after launch, so winner of competition will be decided by time played in exophase or Xbox internal  timer


3) there’s xbox to xbox  and ps to ps cross play but no cross-platform crossplay

1. I know we are doing or little competition but try to enjoy this game as well. Koi dealing thori ki hai. -_-

2. I have no idea how that works, lol

3. SAD



3 hours ago, roun90 said:


If you still have the PS4 version of Nioh 2 - just use the free PS5 upgrade. Nioh 2 is butter-smooth on the PS5. It's where I played it. Complete locked on 60 fps (Or even 120 fps if your TV supports it). The game is an absolute joy to play on the PS5. Best part - the upgrade has no extra cost, unlike the so-called Sony "Remasters".


Nah, I have it on PC only. It was so bad I stopped playing after 1st boss. Uninstalled instantly. 

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3 hours ago, Modern_Ubermensch said:



Vigor - Governs Maximum HP, Fire Resistance, and Poison Immunity


Keepsake item 

Crimson Amber Medallion

A medallion inlaid with crimson amber. Increases max HP.






My starting class. Either this or Prisoner.

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Intelligence - Required to cast Glintstone Sorceries, boosts Attack Power of Magic-scaling weapons, and improved Magical Resistance


Keepsake item 

Shabiri's Woe

The crazed likeness of a noble who had his eyes gouged out. Makes it easier to madden foes.




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1 hour ago, rushaboswal said:

Did he , really in his right mind, think elden ring will be day 1 gamepass?

back then every game was going to be on GP day 1

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3 hours ago, Heaven Angel said:



I accidently clicked on page 4 and found this gem. Zodka is one of a kind. 

Didn't he took a bet with you on Cyberpunk about it coming to GP in an year and didnt follow through? What is a man if not a man of his own words?:loco:

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1 hour ago, Jerush said:

Anyone played the network test on PS4? Is it worth getting for base PS4.

 I'm afraid if this might end up like Cyberpunk, but don't wanna miss playing this at release


DF did a video on it. Seemed fine. 


Unstable framerate on all platforms but it was a test.

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