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PlayStation and Xbox thread

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16 minutes ago, eddy4823 said:

If that comes out to be true, what should I (as a PS4 Slim 500 gb owner) do ? Sell PS4 slim later and upgrade to PS5 ? or sell PS4 Slim before PS5 launches ?

Second hand value won't drop a lot with PS5 launch since Indians tend to enter late into the gen. Sell ps4 only when you plan to buy ps5. 

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21 hours ago, NitroNeo said:

Bhai which are the official good stores that provide xbox products which are of good quality. I only see zupitex on amazon india which sells plug and play charge kit here. I don't know if it is an imported one and if it will work on a indian xbox one controller.

I also went to compushop the partner on xbox website but the guy there said xbox stopped their partnership and they don't get any stuff to sell from MS. Idk why the lazy site runners of microsoft india don't update the website with current latest sellers and partners.

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Cloudtail/Appario on Amazon, and your generic chain electronics stores like Croma, Reliance digital, Landmark *might* have them i'm not sure.

Also for once Zodka is right, for whatever reason sales of Xmaal is limited, it is a while since i even saw the Xconsoles in the wild, let alone the controllers and other accessories.

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