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PlayStation vs Xbox thread

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5 hours ago, Kumar123 said:

So yeah, game development cost and time will keep on increasing as a result. As Shawn Layden said, first party PS5 games will cost 200 million dollars to make, which is almost twice the average budget of the first party games on the PS4. If I had my way. I would probably lock the dev time to 2-3 years. They can make the graphics as good as the dev time allows them to.


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5 hours ago, Kumar123 said:

If Naughty Dog had been given just 3 years for developing TLOU 2, everything would have been the same as the game we originally got except for the graphics which wouldn't have looked as good. And that's a sacrifice some of us are okay with if it means we'll get to play these games sooner.

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2 hours ago, Vamos said:

They are almost charging $1 for every 1 GB. 



Dang, wonder what the size would have been if not for better compression tech on PS5, over 100gigs I guess.

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2 minutes ago, hsk_colossus said:


I mean 100GB 😂


LOU2 is 100 GB + iirc.. So its clear they have used same engine and running it on PS5 than developing it ground up from scratch as a PS5 Native app which has compression 

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Just now, Kumar123 said:

I have the same level of experience developing AAA games as most of you. 

That's why you don't see me intellectually masturbating on the inner workings of the industry.

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17 hours ago, WhiteWolf said:

Guy crapping this thread with most irrelevant sh*t. This thread is about Xbox SX/S and its related games and features not about someone's personal life. Who gives sh*t what Frank did on Reset era. 



He dont care about any of those sensitive issues. All he cares posting crap about xbox lol.


On 5/31/2022 at 4:18 PM, AnK said:

Same old drama


Get personal with someone 

When he retaliates

Drag his family,religion,background into it. 

Most of the Xbots of IVG have made it a habit. 


On 5/31/2022 at 4:28 PM, KnackChap said:


Made religious slurs against another longtime member. 


On 5/31/2022 at 4:06 PM, AnK said:

Still supporting what he did as if it was  some sort of a joke. 

Ah well this coming from someone who abused one of my friends on the basis of his religion isn’t far off from the same kind of mentality. 

I still have screen grabs of full extent of abuse & religious vile slur btw.





You don't have the adequate mental capacities to fathom which issue is serious and which is bait. You are an intolerant racist yourself. The saying is true. Bots are the most toxic bunch on this planet who deem themselves as "gamers". 


I'm surprised to see you are still being allowed to post here. You should have been reduced to a distant memory on this forum, the day you made those religious slurs. People have been permabanned for way  lesser intensity slurs.  That was the new low for bots of this forum. 

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