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PlayStation vs Xbox vs Nintendo thread

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2 hours ago, CarbonCore said:


The desperation :rofl: 

They are SCRAMBLING to get that deal approved.  It’s so sad that Xbox can’t organically make good games lmao. I guess the third place is well deserved 

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Crazy MS finally making its endgame clear.


Also not long before sony comes with wagging tail to sign the deal ,now its high time with the lies and nonsense.

i think google should revive stadia and MS will put the games there too :rofl:

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53 minutes ago, RV1709 said:



would be interesting so see this data split by generations. I bet Xbox 360 eta ratios were better.





This is for all generations. It includes PS2 and original xbox.

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2 Trillion dollar company MS, telling the world how much they suck at their gaming division is hilarious to watch :D


And Brad going to Ninty and Nvidia while saying he walks around with Sony deal papers in his pocket :roflroll:


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