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PlayStation vs Xbox vs Nintendo thread

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8 minutes ago, CarbonCore said:


Time for another break. Sucks because its E3 month.


The guy now can atleast enjoy his backlog games in peace instead of wasting time and getting BP high arguing with the same 5 xpigeons and the other 20 who drop by from time to time.


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20 minutes ago, playstationdude said:

Fat pigeons sh*t more. This one is a hoarder as well. 


11 minutes ago, hsk_colossus said:

Ew..I take that back… fat pigeons are not ok 


Fat pigeons might be pregnant. Have some heart.

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47 minutes ago, AnK said:

It can also be used for something better in your case. 

Dude you need to take a vacation and chill the fk out. 

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52 minutes ago, Mr. Comingle said:

Sorry sir. But one of you did drop a fat load on my head when I was trying to woo my crush back in 2011

You know, pigeon sh*t is a good sign. Because they rarely poop while flying and chances are low to drop on a human being.


You're the choosen one. 

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